Ryan Reynolds – Best New Body In Hollywood

Ryan Reynolds came to the spotlight in Van Wilder and even though he wasn’t out of shape he certainly did not have the hot Body he is sporting these days. It started when he got pegged to play in Blade Trinity. The rest as they say is history. Each time we see him on screen he is getting bigger and buffer. As Deadpool in the movie X-men origins he embodied the wisecracking tough guy comic book fans love.

He went to the same guy again the turned him into a Vampire slaying badass in Trinity. The elite body guru of Hollywood, Buddy Strom. The man behind the body has been making movie stars look good for a while now and has such notables to his credit as Britney Spears, Scarlett Johansson and Ms. Jennifer Lopez. With the results the bodies of his clients prove are possible the training is always very busy.

His Techniques for Ryan Reynolds

Strom a big believer in “Functional Fitness” had Reynolds on a regimen that combines stability exercises with power training. Ryan Reynolds was on a program the trained one body part a day. Worked for six days and a day of rest. This is a bit extreme but to get the body together in time to shoot the film, well you know drastic times – drastic measures. It seems that Ryan Reynolds, like Brad Pitt may be of a body type referred to in weight lifting circles as and Ectomorph. This means they are small framed and have a hard time gaining mass. This may be the reason for the frantic pace of the workouts

Ryan’s Workout was designed to promote a strength gain, which is a high weight low rep workout. Strom would push Reynolds into doing as much weight per set as possible. Heavy weight lifting is the only way an Ectomorph can put on any size and they have to keep it up to retain it. I f you are the type who has had trouble gaining weight, there is hope you do not have to remain skinny try this diet and workout for great results.

A Sample Ryan Reynolds meal

Always start with breakfast

1cp of oatmeal, 2eggs and a slice of avocado
For snack time one protein bar
At lunch a Tuna wrap or some chicken salad
Another protein snack, an apple and a protein shake
At the end of day dinner can be something like broiled poultry or seafood, vegetables and brown (not processed and bleached) rice.
If you need a late night treat have another protein shake.

Definition was not the main reason for Ryan Reynolds to go on this new fitness quest. He had to make himself larger for the role of Deadpool. For this reason Strom took a meeting with him at regular intervals throughout the day. This was in order to motivate him and to assess his progress. All diets are arranged according to a certain protocol. The Ryan Reynolds diet protocols were:


A very good rule for low fat diets is to incorporate some Flaxseed Oil into your diet. This will actually fool the body into thinking it is getting the fat and stave off the body’s natural hoarding instinct when faced with what it feels is starvation. BOLA TANGKAS