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, But the 19 year old girl was nearly perfect score, I’ve seen only this one. I do not know 10 years later, Fukuhara more than 30 years old, how we will rate it? From Japan, however, the youth rate for the Divine Land election cute, Fukuhara appears to win easily.

Ignorant, I recently learned that the girl’s existence. That his wife called me from Beijing, said a TV pretty Japanese girl fighting Zhang Yining, should I take a quick look. Turn on the TV, see a fat white girl in the game Table tennis , But only a few minutes to know that she is not high chance of winning. Zhang Yining forehand backhand were even little mistakes, close to perfect. Look down, I think that regardless of winning or losing the ball the wind, Fukuhara rare. Yes, one of the ball the wind, the current Olympic women’s table tennis is not one comparable to her hand.

“Air ball” Why So be clearly reasoned. Apply a tennis player described as a foreigner to say, is she’sgotthegame. This is the evaluation of unusual Unfortunately, here’s “game” word in the dictionary translation Why am I not happy times. The closest translation might be “her style of play better.” Former tennis bad temper “bad guys” victory or defeat of Jimmy Lai seldom the root, but the line is consistent with the assessment of experts: He’sgotthegame. The implication being that “bad guys” lose lose go bad go bad, as he did playing tennis to .

Fukuhara is not “bad kids.” On the contrary, observe, depart cute. Table Tennis can win her a lot of people, but I think this ball has to like her to play Caidui: naive clear, straightforward. This unconventional, not preoccupied with the play, certainly refreshing, but to bring it is not easy to get what in the world award. Naive chic is to pay a price. You pay too?

In on Zhang Yining, for example, Fukuhara lost four pairs of a (paid too good of a bureau), but just who wins it? Like a doll Fukuhara often laugh?? Get lucky enough to get a point in laughing?? Captured the hearts of the Chinese people. Zhang Yining it? Hardly laugh!

Here to say its a little secret. Want China to obtain more gold medals, of course I stand Zhang Yining side. But I hope Elaine numerous that much. Won four to three, and played a little longer, the baby more performance while, this not best of both worlds zai? Then a student told me, most young people want online Fukuhara wins. It seems my old national consciousness is too heavy.

To Fukuhara ball wind started to write, because that the “wind” also, like doll who he is. This is later to see her in the street in the TV reporters and students came to her information on the views received. Naive chic style of play, crisp style of play, outside the court with her response to the unsuspecting, unconventional to be frank?? Say new decency?? Is exactly the same.

On the street reporter asked her: “The Olympic Opening, you take your banner leading the Japanese players played, what feelings you?” Doll in fluent Mandarin response: “Why is selected, I am an Olympic medal have never won! “Japan’s government is not stupid, she closed a number of ambassadors. Chinese ambassador to Japan says with a laugh of her title than he, dolls response: “When the ambassadors to eat more goodies, unfortunately to Lose weight , Face too round, I would like to oval face. “

Tell the truth, the personality from Fukuhara inference, “oval face,” she is no hope! Round face, set off with a little foolish expression, but quick thinking, talking frank and new, these combinations just right. Absolutely yes. I do not want oval face! Fukuhara’s capital is not as simple as innocent and lovely, it is important not the slightest bit pretentious, not at all tacky. Such capital, table tennis, wind is good, what appeared here and there, has become a phenomenon, what champions do not need to win awards. Doll easy to cry, but I can accept.

Information online, said Fukuhara have been the name. Old school play, year-old into a national champion, the hot topic earth, award-winning, but not so high ranked. Do not need that high. I “Fukuhara” as the title, is to point out that if a person’s personality can really refined, you can have fresh and lovely to the outsider feelings enough. Yes, even table tennis star Ai Fukuhara victory four zero, five-disc set, however, the image of the doll is no impact.

Fukuhara Rounds a number of years in Japan. In the vast land has already become a name?? Only ever bother to read my old people too lazy to look slow to Bale. The appearance in Beijing, add fuel to the fire. Advertisers in Japan have long been beckoning to her. China’s population today, so many, many can afford it, together with Ai Fukuhara of the language fluently, and often come to China, rushing to offer advertisers must be numerous. This I did for her fear that she should not make more advertising money. Simply, if anywhere close to a large photo of her, a bit old fashioned, a little cheesy, and I said “phenomenon” is in conflict. I certainly do not oppose Other Athletes do so because they go the other way.

I also think that a rare “Fukuhara phenomenon” the formation of parenting must be the main reason. See the Olympic diving and Gymnastics Chinese athletes, many lovely girls. Unfortunately, they are less talk, and respond to the scene of rare outsiders. Image of Beijing as an international friendly a lot of work to do. I think that China’s athletes in daily training, but many accept that as Fukuhara education is needed.

To increase China’s national income it? That is easy: Since Fukuhara so like China, it wants to send her a Chinese nationality. Allowing her to hold dual nationality also earned a half. BOLA TANGKAS