Safety Tips for Deep Frying at Home

Deep frying at home is a great way to prepare food for your family. You can deep fry your own french fries and they will come out tasting just as good as the ones you buy at the restaurant, which of course saves you money. However, a deep fryer is an electrical device that you need to exercise great caution with when using. People every year sustain serious burns from hot oil from not using their deep fryers in a safe manner. If you are looking to purchase a new deep dryer for your home, check out stores like Bed Bath and Beyond and

Heat Resistant Location

It is very important that you place your deep fryer in a heat resistant location. Deep fryers can become very hot when they are in use, which means your deep fryer should always be placed on a surface that resists heat. If it is placed on a surface that does not resist heat, it is possible that the hot oil can actually cause that surface to catch fire. Deep fryers should also be placed far enough away from any corners or edges to prevent anyone from accidentally bumping into the device. The owner’s manual will likely contain recommendations for what surfaces to place the device on.

Type of Oil to Use

There are specific types of oil that work best with deep fryers. The oil that you use should have a high smoking point. Oils that are known to have a high smoking point include canola oil, peanut oil and sunflower oil. Unlike other types of oils, oils that have a high smoking point will not break down when they are heated to high temperatures. When you are pouring oil into the reservoir, make sure that you do not overfill it. It should have a maximum fill line that you can see when filling it with oil. If you overfill the reservoir, your deep fryer may spew hot oil once you turn it on, which can lead to serious injury.

Using the Fryer Basket

One of the most dangerous aspects of using a deep fryer is the fryer basket. If you are not careful with the fryer basket, it is possible that you will splash yourself in the face with hot oil. You should always place food in the fryer basket when the basket is removed. To prevent spilling or splashing, make sure that you slowly submerge the fryer basket back into the deep fryer. You should never season your food while it is in the deep fryer because that can lead to hot oil splattering out of the device. When your food is finished cooking, make sure that you allow any and all excess oil to drop off of the fryer basket before you completely remove it from the deep fryer.


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