Sales Manager Training | Is It Important To be Liked Or Respected?

One of the things we emphasize in our sales manager training is the role of popularity and respect in sales management. We see too many sales managers that are overly concerned about being liked and not concerned enough about creating all the sales that the company deserves. Our sales manager training teaches that it is good to be liked but if you have to choose, choose respect. Sales managers are hired to make money, not to make friends.

Are You Paying For Love?

If you have any staff members who are “nice people” but are not producing and have a small chance at becoming producers, you need to face that fact that you are paying people for love. We can enjoy our staff as people but we need to remember that they are there for the purpose of generating income for the company.

Set Times For Reviews

One thing we emphasize in our sales manager training is to set regular times to review each staff member. These should be frequent. They could be daily or they could be weekly. At these reviews, go over the important numbers like closing percentages and numbers of prospects contacted. Doing this frequently focuses your staff on what they need to accomplish each day. It also allows you to correct them before you have allowed a poor performance to build up your anger or disappointment.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Keep you reviews of your staff focused on numbers and not emotions or feelings. The numbers don’t lie and in the end, they are what you and your staff will be judged on.

Celebrate Victories

This article may seem a bit harsh. I hope not. As we explain in our sales manager training, the secret is to manage based on performance but to always help your staff improve. Most salespeople prefer to work for sales managers who know what is happening and who coach their team to achieve sales and income they could not attain on their own. As part of our sales manager training, we teach how to celebrate victories with your staff and how to praise their potential even when their performance is lacking. We believe you need three praises for each criticism to keep your team motivated.

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