Samsonite India – The world’s largest baggage Community

The Samsonite India Community on Facebook has crossed an impressive milestone of 10000 fans. It is a heartwarming feeling to know that Samsonite is truly the best brand according to our fans. The Community has now clearly been established as the largest baggage community in the world. Communities in this sense are the basic building blocks of human life. They help enrich our experience. We develop strong bonds with people in a community over time.

In addition to this, communities are changing positively as we are shifting online. We crave to interact with our customers on a personal level and it is possible through our Facebook Fan Page. The Samsonite community is a thriving and eclectic mix of active users posting their special stories, travel tips, adventure destinations and many other fun things. We give our fans full support by giving them regular tips on travel, destination advice, do’s and don’ts and update them about our products. Samsonite has been the leader in luggage solutions since our inception as a company. Our products have unmatched quality and craftsmanship, which are available for all kinds of travelers and situations. We have constantly innovated to suit our customers’ needs, anticipating them in advance. The Facebook Community offers an excellent platform for our customers to interact with us as well as each other. We can bring our products directly to our valued customers. We also maintain a Travel Blog which deals exclusively with helpful information on travel tips and other advice. It is a very exciting time for the community as Samsonite has completed 100 years of existence and is still the No. 1 Luxury baggage solutions brand in the World. We hope that you will have an enriching experience by being part of this dynamic community. Come and join us on our Facebook Fan Page and experience this journey with Samsonite. Please check out our recent post on the Samsonite India Travel Blog.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Keynote @ Facebook F8 16′

Founder & CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg kicking off day 1 of FBF8, live from Fort Mason in San Francisco, CA on April 12, 2016