Samsung B3410 Sim Free To Make You Go Crazy With Features

Samsung b3410 is a black cased mobile phone with dashing looks and innumerable stupendous features. Own this sim free edition with a slide- out QWERTY keyboard that makes texting and typing a real treat.

This new Samsung b3410 is the ultimate sim locked experience for mobile users. Carry a brilliant user experience with 2.0 megapixel camera to capture the perfect pictures. This smart gadget comes with an efficient display screen of 2.6 inches to exhibit the pictures in all their glamour.

The black color speaks style and elegance and what more it fits every occasion and every dress. So, make your own mark among your friends by flaunting this amazing gadget, Samsung b3410 sim free as it is for all occasions. So, go for an office party or a social function your mobile will obviously catch the eye of many making you special every time. The functionality of the handset compliments the looks perfectly. The superior quality internet facility or Google Talk ad Parlingo is obviously not only exciting but also found to be very special for many. Samsung b3410 is for those who want to stay connected anywhere and everywhere.

Samsung b3410 sim free is installed with a MicroSD card slot and supports up to 8GB memory stick so you will find plenty of room inside to keep your downloaded files and photos. The in built Bluetooth will enable you to transfer data with other mobiles and PC quickly and easily.

Samsung b3410 mobile phone is certainly special and the features are undoubtedly the best among many.

The price of this killer handset is considerably affordable. Supportability of EDGE makes it a hi-tech and is much appreciated among the youths. Other efficient features are voice clarity, battery back up to 640 hours and talk time of 10 hours which will make you amazed.

Certainly the b3410 sim free from Samsung is the ultimate collection for you to make your mobile experience take a whole new shape. Purchase one today and feel a whole new world around.