Samsung It Integration Scheme 2010 Channels Supremacy

12 21, Samsung Electronic Successfully held in Beijing ” Sell Elite PK Competition “, from nearly 500 authorized dealers nationwide selected to participate in the 15 best players of the tournament against each other. In the end, Jiang from Shanghai Division of Molly won.

This event is not news, no huge cheering friends and relatives, from the formal point of view is like a small-scale activities held within three weeks, is not cause for concern, but the Samsung event was held in this small inadvertently revealed a 2009 The ultimate goal of large-scale program.

12 17, boss of Liaoning Huludao Lianzhong computer Xurong Peng welcomed a group of guests a busy schedule, they are formed by the channels of media interviews with groups, they operate on Xurong Peng Samsung “Star World” IT Store full of interest, specifically a 500 km drive from Beijing’s road to visit; September mid Network Alliance Technology Qujing boss XU Xue-song in Decoration A new Samsung “Star World” IT shops a photo before leaving to become the city’s only Samsung IT shops owner; to Xurong Peng, XU Xue-song, Morley River this little-known IT industry, in second half of 2009 caused the industry’s attention turns, all from Samsung IT’s “Star World” program, this program small and medium IT products to the general IT market dealers as Future Star.

August 31 this year, Samsung in Hangzhou, Shenyang, Kunming, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen held a grand press conference, officially launched the “Star World Programme” Samsung “Star World” program overall responsibility, Samsung Electronics China Marketing Vice President, Managing Director, said Lee Jae-yup, “Star World Plan” to integrate Samsung products, resources, Management And the regional channels, information, talent advantage, the fastest optimizing existing upstream and downstream resources, provide resources for the end channel running vertically and one-stop services to enhance the rapid and convenient for consumers and more value-added services capacity. Managing

Lee Jae Ye said this surface is a IT channel events, but deep-seated reasons for the change from within Samsung, from the second half of 2009, IT business integration has become important to the work of the Samsung , and IT-related products, market, marketing departments began to integrate according to plan, aimed at creating a Samsung phone, Samsung Home Appliances Samsung IT like a whole brand and use it as source of power, began to open up the terminal in the small city sales channel program, which initially in Liaoning, Henan, Guangdong, Yunnan, Zhejiang, started a pilot, the pilot beyond the Samsung reflect expected, therefore, a larger program under way in 2010, plans to star in the world to promote throughout the country.

Starting from September, about 500 shops selling end transformed into the installed Samsung “Star World” IT shops, after a period of operation, they generally feel a strong drive to bring business integration. The new Samsung changed the medium and small IT shops the city IT sales practices, no longer sell their products through scattered sources, but to notebooks, monitors, Printer These types of products terminals together to form a new retail store, and integration of resources continues, the future of other Samsung Digital, IT products also stationed in this store, so that the image of these small dealers, resources position in the market about to upgrade to the same position with the Samsung brand, some dealers said, “we are here, I was Samsung, Samsung is me.” BOLA TANGKAS