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Following last year’s first half of the Samsung, LG Bottom Tearing each other the two giants, big beat LED TV War of words after the fight before the two giants around the 3D TV technology leadership, re-launched in Korea “gentlemen words rather than hands,” the saliva contest. Samsung Electronic LG is not the blame “real FULLHD”, which is reported to Watch other weakness of (Samsung 3D TV) lack of “three dimensional” Big Bottom Tearing.

30 this month, LG Electronics L CD (LCD) TV business department right away hi, held at the COEX 3D World Forum, stated publicly that: Samsung 3D TV, 2D-3D conversion technology a lack of real-time three-dimensional. Adding other low-quality content with the practice will become the “3D industry a major obstacle.” Reason is: “Once the quality problems are likely to cause consumers to form a 3D TV (as opposed to 2D mature technology) the performance of very poor quality bad impression.”

The Toshiba Samsung after following the launch of the world’s first and highly recommended real-time 2D-3D conversion technology, LG Electronics, said: “I have mastered the technology community, however, because the problem too much, they are not eager to push the market. “

The other hand, president of Samsung Electronics Yin Fu-Gen accusations against the LG electronics, said: “The current conversion 2D, 3D technology is very mature, as LED technology leader in the beginning as we now we have mastered Based on this technology on the 2D transform 3D technology. “LG Electronics and questioned the company’s technology R & D approach, expressed regret.

In addition, LG Electronics recently announced high-profile “global first” launch FULLLED3D television, will the Yin Fu-Gen President, said: “Last year, LG Electronics announced FULLLED TV total using 3000 LED; But in its LED TV this year, data released only 1,200 by the LED. Despite its external claims to FULLLED, but, ironically, is the (before and after comparison of the data from the view) is not really FULLLED. In short, compared with last year, this year (LG) LED’s use of shrinkage a. “

25th of this month, LG Electronics press talk in the conference, announced the company’s new products, 3D TV, the two companies “nerves,” the official start. At that time, LG Electronics and Samsung of its 3D TV tie for electronic products (such as color TV manufacturers adopt new conference on the practice of customary one. In general, the elimination of the other labels and compare the latest products (Tian Ji’s horse racing does not rule out “the Si Si for the next “suspect), this against the background out of our new product features. However, there are individual enterprises to adopt the new products compared with the old product comparison display method.) are compared to show, making Samsung 3D TV findings based on three-dimensional difference. However, on this point, Samsung electronics, said: “At the time come up with LG Electronics is the most advanced products, however, ‘choice’ of the intermediate products with Samsung comparison, so that this comparison shows there is a problem.”

The Union of Chinese consumer electronics channel (CECA)-bearer, said: “In fact, Samsung, LG giant war of words the two long-standing grudges, back in 2006 by claiming the two companies Plasma TV Product Advertisement Disputes in court. Recently, Samsung Electronics South Korea Lotte department store, modern department store, New World Department Store and other stores in display broadcast television directly accuse LG Electronics video, and uses the ‘series of fraud at home and abroad, immoral * companies’ and other more explicit language. Last year, Samsung Electronics ZIPEL refrigerator of the incident, LG Electronics posted in the store where relevant reports, and put ‘Please buy the security DIOS refrigerator’ notice. Therefore led to first-class enterprise Samsung LG play the third-rate war of words in the question. “

“But anyway, the war of words attacking each other, desirable style you’ve got to big companies. We hope that the friction between the industry’s market or through normal legal means to resolve, rather than bitch and recrimination-style war of words, misleading consumers to judge. “the source said. BOLA TANGKAS