Samurai Costume Ideas and Suggestions

The adult Samurai costumes, and the Royal Samurai collection are two of the most popular Asian theme costumes. These costumes both have the ancient looks and appeal, fans have worn for years. These Samurai costumes are exquisitely designed in a way that their authentic style is not lost. It doesn’t matter what you need your costume for. These are good for theme parties, as well as, Halloween costumes.

The adult Samurai costume includes a beautifully designed satin robe. This particular costume has a robe that is adorned with a wonderful dragon figure. Although the robe itself is black, the dragon is a lovely silver. The crimson comes in the trim of this garment, and also the belt. The belt adds another great accent to this costume.

The accessories to this costume really make it an eye catcher. These can all be purchased separately. Some of these are so important that they must accompany your costume. One of this is the warrior style sword. This weapon is really important to the overall theme, of not only the costume, but the time period as well.

You will also need black matching socks for this ensemble. Shoes are also an important consideration. You can choose any style of black shoes, you like. This all depends on your own individual taste. Some will opt for the authentic looking Asian style flat shoes. These are seen often in ninja fighter movies. With these you’ll appear to have stepped off the big screen!

The Samurai Royal Collection, is one costume that requires some intricate face painting. This costume is so exquisitely designed, that you’ll want to step into full character. Much attention was paid to the detail of this costume. Each individual item is made in the samurai style, you love so much.

The gorgeous tunic, made in the kimono style is an absolute show stopper! It has beautiful decorations with the complete Asian feel. This garment is also accompanied by a blue and gold obi. The obi fits snugly around your waist, and provides the complete warrior motif. This costume also includes the black underskirt, which compliments it well.

The most authentic component to this outfit is the headpiece. This headpiece has the traditional look of a real artefact. It looks like some thing straight from an Oriental museum. With this headpiece you will become the warrior you’ve always wanted to be. Along with this costume and your face paint, not even your friends will be able to recognize you.

Once fully dressed, you will not be able to help stepping into character. The available accessories will only accent, this already wonderful costume. Of course, you’re going to need a sword. There are a few warrior type swords to choose from. Depending on your taste, you’ll find the right one for you.

Although this type of outfit was traditionally worn with bare feet, you will probably want shoes. Here to, is a good place for the Asian style flat shoes. These will only add to your ensemble!