San Diego Lap Band 1 – Lap Bands In San Diego

My name is Sandi. I am thinking about getting a lap band. So, Ive decided to start blogging my journey as I go through this process.

First, let me tell you about myself. I was a size 5 my whole life- a perfect little Barbie with measurements of 35-22-36. All my life, until I got pregnant with my first child, that is. I gained 100 lbs with my first pregnancy! Hes now 9, and Im a size 16.

Over the past 10 years, Ive yo-yoed up and down. I managed to lose around 40- 50 lbs on a liquid diet, but as soon as I went off the liquid and back onto food, I ballooned up again! Over the course of the last 10 years, Ive gained and lost a couple of supermodels! Like many of you, Ive tried every diet out there! Ive done Optifast, Medifast, Hmr, medicine therapy, hypnosis, LA weight loss, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Slim fast, Atkins, South Beach, cabbage soup, and many others. My closet has from size 5 size 28 in it! I could rival Oprah (in sizes- not designers). Im sure you know my story. Im at my wits end! Im ready to try something drastic.
I want myself back! When I look in the mirror, when I see myself in photographs, Im shocked because this is not how I look in my minds eye. Since Im taking you on this journey with me, I want you to see me as I really am. If you see the video, youll see that Im not wearing any makeup. I even take off my shirt (yes, Im in a cami) to let it all hang out. (Check YouTube under sandiegolapband to see the videos).

This was really uncomfortable for me as Ive been somewhat camera shy since gaining all the weight and I NEVER wear tank tops or anything that shows my arms. But, Im sacrificing my dignity so that you guys can truly see how my body transforms as I go through the process.

My husband thinks that every problem that we have, financial, personal, marital, professional, any problem we have is because of my weight. It really bothers him that Im so much bigger than when we met. Personally, I wish that he would but the heck out of it, because every time that he makes it HIS issue, he takes it away from me. (And makes me want the biggest box of chocolate I can find)

But, it is a problem. I dont have the same confidence that I used to have. I dont have the same energy. I had to relearn how o talk to people. I didnt realize that my entire discourse was based on my looks until I looked different and thought that I was acting the same, but people were responding to me differently.

Anyways, Im rambling a little, but this is the first article/ video. In subsequent episodes well talk more about what the lap band is and how it works and everything like that.

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