Sanmar Engineering Turns 35

Sanmar Engineering, portion of The Sanmar Group, is a diversified manufacturer of highly engineered Merchandise serving the process industry, in India and abroad. This synergistic group gives a wide range of essential merchandise that improve industrial efficiency and security in the chemical method, hydrocarbon and power industries, and also Steel Castings that serve the worldwide Building, Mining, Valve, and Transit sectors.
In 1976, with a small investment by Mr N Sankar, Chairman, The Sanmar Group, the 1st joint venture of Sanmar Engineering – Durametallic India was born.
Starting as a single firm manufacturing engineered mechanical seals, Sanmar Engineering has grown steadily to offer you a entire range of marketplace top products and services targeting critical sectors. The substantial development achieved by Sanmar Engineering over the 3 plus decades has been fully funded from internal accruals and no added capital has been contributed from the Group.
These days, Sanmar Engineering constitutes seven legal entities and twelve business units, involving 5 Indo-American joint ventures in all.
Sales of Sanmar Engineering constituents, like these divested towards the finish of the year, was Rs.1450 Crores in 2010 -11, with a growth CAGR of 21% in the last five years. The next 5 years look promising with similar projected development of 21%. The planned capacity additions in thermal power, nuclear energy and natural gas transmission networks in India apart from servicing the increasing installed base in the hydrocarbon and petrochemical sector will offer the platform for the expected growth over the subsequent five years. Apart from this, Sanmar Engineering will appear to leverage its strengths to introduce other complementary goods to its existing buyer base.
Starting as a foundry to cater to the in-property and Joint Venture specifications, these days the foundry company has turned global, with operations in the USA, Mexico and India. The worldwide delivery model is distinctive and enables clients to source products from the very same supplier but from distinct places across the globe.
The key causes for Sanmar Engineering’s success can be attributed to its distinctive organization model, state-of-the-art technologies, productive joint venture partnerships, frequent buyer base and a robust business method management that spurs growth and profitability.
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