Santa Cruz Basilica: A Glimpse of History and Architectural Grandeur

Kochi, also recognized as Eranakulam, identified in Kerala, India is the most visited city in the entire state and according to a survey by the Nielsen Firm, the city is also mentioned to be the sixth very best tourist destination in the complete nation. Vacationers, both domestic as nicely as international, flock to the state due to its location and tropical monsoon climate as well as to immerse themselves in its culture and history. The state is complete of all-natural beauty with sprawling paddy fields, waterfalls, wildlife and a spectacular coastline producing Kochi one particular of the very best tourist destinations in India.

The Santa Cruz Basilica is one such tourist attraction that is frequented by many. It is stated to be 1 of the oldest churches not only in Kochi but in India as a whole and is one particular of the few Basilicas in the country. The Basilica also has the honour of being the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Cochin.

The Cathedral was initially built by the Portuguese even though it was only elevated to the status of a Cathedral later in 1558 and the architecture is tremendously that of the gothic style. Unfortunately, the structure was destroyed by the British and what can be noticed these days is the new building constructed beneath the order of Bishop D. Joao Gomes Ferreira.

The Basilica, total with two white spires, showcases a distinctive blend between the gothic style and Indo-European style creating the structure a really beautiful 1. Decorated with a quantity of frescoes as properly as a quantity of paintings depicting moments from the life of Jesus Christ, the Cathedral is an impressive combination of various styles and influences making it a need to go to destination for any visitor in Kerala.

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