Save Up to $15,000, With a New Non Surgical Face Lift Treatment

Are you concerned about your sagging facial skin? There’s a lot you can do to restore the youthfulness to your skin, without going through a surgical procedure. Most of the mentioned treatments on this article are non invasive face lift solutions.

Over the past few years, an increasing number of people are becoming aware of non surgical face lift treatments. It helps people avoiding meeting the surgeon. Most of these treatments are cheaper then a traditional surgery, without anesthesia, downtime and scars. Most of these alternative treatments have minor complications and risks, compared to a traditional surgery.

In short, face lift is a plastic surgery procedure that treats facial skin problems such as sagging skin, eye bags and other signs of aging. My sister in law had a face lift surgery last year, and ever since, her life have become a nightmare. The “butcher” left her with a nerve damage, and her left eye ticks constantly. That is why, I looked for an alternative for a surgery, and I learned about the non surgical face lift alternatives.

The non surgical face lift group includes treatments such as Microcurrent treatment, Thread lift, Thermage, and of course, creams, balms and liquids. The Microcurrent is a treatment that uses electromagnetic fields to improve facial circulation. It helps to tighten muscles and improve the appearance and shape of the skin. Thread lift is quite a complicated method and can be painful too at times. This procedure is made by an experienced cosmetic surgeon. The surgeon places tiny incisions and hooks into the subcutaneous layer of the face and weaves the surgical threads through them. Some people might consider it as a non surgical procedure but it is. In a popular treatment called Thermage, high intensity radio waves are applied to the skin. This heating action causes deep structures of the skin to tighten. Over time, new collagen is supposed to grow and produce a more youthful appearance.

All of these treatments are inexpensive compared to a face lift surgery, but nowadays, it is not affordable to everyone. It is more important to know that in spite of the price, many people still reported that the results were far from satisfying.

Anti aging products and face lift creams are in a consistent development and growth. Special ingredients such as amino acids, can help “lift” the face or instant “correcting” line. These anti aging products cannot really stop the aging process, they offer nice smell and complexion but they are miles away from other alternatives to a face lift surgery.

Two extremely important proteins called Elastin and Collagen are being produced in much lower levels as we age. Lack of these essential fibers will cause lines, wrinkles and loose skin. Anti aging products are not useful to lift the face because they cannot restore the Elastin levels. As a matter of fact, I’ve heard about new ingredient called Ethocyn. Ethocyn is the only ingredient that restores the Elastin’s levels.

According to a clinical professor of dermatology from UCLA school of medicine, “Ethocyn gives you the important skin Elastin fiber content of a 20 years old skin”. Tru Face Essence Ultra is the only product that contains Ethocyn and could fight the signs of aging. I was shocked by the before and after photos and even more so when I saw it on the news. I decided to buy it…

After only few months of using it I can see a big difference. I have to say, this is the real thing There is a huge difference in my jaw line, eyes area, chin and neck. My friends are looking at me with jealousy, and many have asked how I did it…

The conclusion is, Tru Face Essence Ultra is the best non surgical face lift alternative that money can buy. Use it on a daily basis and you’ll see the difference. I promise you.

I recommend this product with all my heart. If you want to smile every morning when you look in the mirror, you owe it to yourself to try it out.

Your beauty begins from the inside,