Saving money on student accommodation:

It has been observed in the last 10 years that the institution fee has raised gradually and the same situation the UK student accommodation has faced, that means the students are spending almost double on the university fee and on their residence than they were in 10 years back.

So expenditures always effect the mood; like if you are enjoying your daily meal, busy in a party in your room or hall and suddenly your door bell rings and you find your landlord is standing there for asking the weekly rent, all in a sudden you will lose all the pleasant of your mood because your are under the victim of a liability that has to be unloaded from your shoulders.

So below given are some helpful tips that matter a lot for a student to save his money.

Choose Your Residence Carefully:

Choosing the appropriate and uni budget accommodation always give pleasure to the students because they know that how much they can spend on their housing. It is recommended that students must not search for a luxurious accommodation that would cause an extra burden over them.

There are different housing options the students can choose from. They may have the option of choosing their institution halls, institution hostels, private rooms, shared rooms or any other suitable option they may have.

Another thing which matters most is the rent because all mentioned above residence types cost more than one another e.g. university accommodation is most expensive than the private sharing rooms or private halls.

Price difference is too much high e.g. fully catered and furnished rooms that Bristol University costs £168.75 a week per student which is too high as compared to self catered housing which might be less burden over your pocket around £60 only. That clearly means you will have to spend 2.75 times more by obtaining the university accommodation than self catered one.

So why should spend more if you have the same option within your approach? Luxury is prestigious but fully loaded packet is extraordinary. So a good idea is to choose the private housing within a limited budget.

Exploring Your Residence:

Ready to start searching for a private room, then use the technology and get rid of the old fashioned measurements by hiring any state agent or a letting agent digging into for a room for you. You may have several options of visiting hundred and thousand websites where you can easily find your dreamy residence. You may have several options there to choose from. Many students may have posted threads for exchanging residence; you may exchange your residence with them. In this regard you would be able to save extra admin fee you had to pay to your letting agent or someone else. Secondly you may have a chance of having short term let which may give you extra benefits. What benefits? read the below paragraph about short term letting.

Ask for a short term let:

Suppose you have got admission in a 9 month course then why should go for a residence for a whole year? Decide intelligently; build only a 9 months contract and save 3 month extra rent amount.

Negotiation May Worth:

If you have found an appealing residency then make up your mind for a contract; how you can make it in your own favor? Try to be more decent, gentle and show up your qualities to your landlord. Trust is the key to unlock the heart of your landlord. Landlords and the tenants always want to have a trustworthy opponent. So trying to convince your landlord may be a good idea to make contract as easy as in your favor by showing a trustworthy behavior. That may worth a lot to get some extra benefits from your landlord without spending extra money.

Choosing Billing Options:

Having a favorable contract including utility bills would be a cost effective measure because you may have some extra benefits of using the electricity, gas and water without measuring them that how much you are using. You would not be worried of having night baths or the lengthy ones that would cost your extra over the monthly bills. Secondly if you are facing any sanitary or electric failure your landlord would be responsible for fixing them. Avoid any kind of anxiety and put all the burdens over your landlord and live hassle free and happily.
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