Saving Your Sight with Lutein and Bilberry

Lutein is found naturally in many fruits and vegetables and is an important factor in preventing degenerative eye problems in seniors. This carotenoid can prevent and sometimes even reverse vision loss in seniors. Lutein has also been shown to enhance immune systems and may help to prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases from starting.

Carrots, kale, corn, Swiss chard, red peppers, romaine lettuce and many other vegetables are high in Lutein. Shortly after beginning a diet of lutein-rich foods, or starting a lutein supplement program, many people begin to see further and more clearly. Many people report less glare and improved color vision after beginning a lutein program.

Lutein can actually help to prevent the onset of many degenerative eye conditions in those with eye problem histories in their family. Starting your diet of lutein rich foods early enough in life will help you prevent loss of eyesight and any other vision problems that may run in your family. Lutein has a slightly higher level of benefit to women than men, and can markedly help to prevent the start of eye problems associated with seniors. Lutein has been proven to be the best nutritional supplement for the treatment of degenerative eye disorders.

Lutein also helps to improve your immune system and help in the prevention of cancer. Boosting your immunity levels can have a strong impact on your quality of life as well as the length of it. Because cancer has been associated with deficient immune systems, a diet rich in lutein or lutein supplements will help prevent the disease from starting. Remember, we all have cancer cells in our body, (bet you didn’t know that) but a healthy immune system usually gets rid of them before they can develop into malignant cells. Lutein is one of the best nutrients that you can give to your body. Be sure to talk it over with your doctor first, though. Many health supplements are not as well tested as prescription drugs and may cause complications to your health.

There has been a growing body of evidence that shows that dietary supplements help to prevent the start and progression of cataracts and other age-related eye degeneration ailments in seniors. Doses of zinc, vitamins C and E as well as beta carotene have been proven to aid in the slowing of the progression of these eye conditions.

Cataract development unfortunately is not always affected by this form of treatment. The highest benefits of this treatment was seen in people at the highest risk of developing problems with their eyesight, or who had existing problems already in one eye. Adding antioxidants to the zinc dosing created the best protection from degenerative eye problems in seniors. If seniors have always practiced good nutritional care, they were found to be at the least risk of developing any eyesight problems. A diet rich in leafy or dark green vegetables has been proven to aid in the onset of eye problems. If you smoke, stopping will improve your circulation and help prevent eye problems as well. An exercise regimen that gets you out and active will help to control your blood pressure and help prevent eye problems in later years. BOLA TANGKAS