Savour charismatic cuisine garnished with tropical charm when dining in the Maldives

Situated in the heart of the Indian Ocean just below Sri Lanka is the tiny island nation of the Maldives. It comprises of over 1100 islets and many secluded atolls. Since its formation as a country, Maldives has been highly sought after as popular tourist destination.

Its capital is called Male which in Singhalese (the native language spoken in Sri Lanka) means necklace due to how the collection of landmasses making up the nation look like a floating necklace in the azure waters of a vast ocean.

Due to the fact that the Maldives is spread over several landmasses many restaurants are located within resorts that own private islands or atolls. Majority of the independent restaurants are concentrated in the capital male.

For example the Athamaa Palace specialises in delicious Indian style cuisine including a popular favourite, Biriyani. Sala Thai Restaurant as its name suggests is known for its authentic Thai cuisine cooked by Thai chefs specially brought down by the owner of the establishment. The Salsa Cafe offers a spicy mix of Mexican and Italian cuisine in a tropical setting; it is a popular place for youth to while away their time.

Maldivian local cuisine is a veritable assault on the senses with its delicacies ranging of curried spiciness to mouth watering sweetness. Main dishes in Maldivian cuisine are similar to many other South Asian meals; they are curry based but with heavy influence on using vegetables or seafood which is a common ingredient found all around the island nation.

Garudiya is a common dish eaten almost daily in Maldivian households, it comprises of any type of tuna suspended in thick aromatic curry base. A by product of this sumptuous dish is called Rihaakuru which ensures that none of the by products of making Gaurdiya are wasted. Rihaakuru is comprised of the nutritious oils and spices left over from boiling the fish which is then aggregated into a crystal black jelly which can then be eaten alone or added to another dish as flavouring. It is frequently used in Chinese dishes such as Pak Choy and Chua Kuay Teow Mee having become a substitute for fish broth.

There are many Maldives Island Resortsand several Maldives luxury hotelsdotted around the islands and atolls that make up this tiny nation. Each of them is distinct in their own way but none stand out quite like Velassaru Maldives. Encapsulate yourself in the luxurious splendour of its villas and enjoy the most sumptuous cuisine in the heart of the Indian Ocean.