Scalp Acne & Pimples – Troublesome Problem For Many

Acne and pimples are bad enough when they appear on the face, but what about when they show up on the scalp? Pimples buried below the hair are irritating and hard to get to. They are also very itchy and can be painful when infected. It may sound unusual, but actually many people suffer from this scalp condition.

When the hair follicle becomes inflamed an acne breakout can occur. Pimples on the scalp look very similar to ones on the face. They are usually in the form of small pustules. Most people first notice them when brushing the hair. They tend to itch and scratching or brushing can cause an infection and only make the problem worse.

There are many causes of scalp acne. It is often attributed to yeast or bacteria growth on the scalp. Follicles close up trapping the bacteria or other organisms inside. This causes the pimples and bumps to appear and become inflamed.

Scalp acne may look the same as face acne, but the treatments should be very different. Most people treat facial pimples and acne with salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide. These products are not good for scalp treatments. The health of the scalp depends on a delicate balance of oil. These products tend to make the scalp too dry. Benzyl peroxide has also been know to bleach the hair and in rare cases may cause serious hair loss. If hair is permed, straightened, or colored it is more at risk for damage.

When treating scalp acne you should stay away from most chemical products. They do reduce the oil, but usually make the scalp too dry. To achieve a balance healthy scalp chemical free products work much better. Ingredients such as zinc, jojoba oil, and emu oil have been shown to work wonderfully on the scalp and hair. Especially zinc which works naturally to open pores and clean the scalp. Achieving a balanced scalp is the first step to a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.