Schumacher Battery Chargers Will Keep You Going in the Cold Weather

Nearly any garage or home can benefit from having one of the many Schumacher battery chargers available to consumers. There are small units and those that must be wheeled for many different purposes. They come in a variety of prices and sizes for a variety of needs.

When considering the purchase of one of these products, it is best to first think about where it may be needed or used most often before selecting the appropriate model. If the major concern is a dead battery in your vehicle, there are some models that can be mounted directly beside the automobile’s original power source, to give it a boost or help it start on a cold day.

The SE-1-12S is a power source and maintainer that can help prevent power drains that often happen at the most inconvenient time. This product comes with its own charger so it can be renewed by plugging it into a wall outlet.

There are other products that plug into an outlet to renew the level of power and are small enough to fit in the trunk of a car or under the seat of a boat. The SC 600A, SC 1200A and SC 1500A are all products that provide plenty of starting power for boats, cars or trucks. Consumers like these products for their reliability and for the short time they take to renew other power sources. They also like the features of digital display and readout of the amount of power remaining in the item that needs a boost. The above models range in price from $ 28 to around $ 50.

If a small portable unit is not what you need, there are those on wheels that can be used in the garage. The SE2352 and the SE4020 are great for home use or for a small business with a few company cars. They offer the ability to move them to different locations and can handle any type of regular vehicle a company may use. They also feature a digital read out display and thermal breakers to prevent overload or protect against reverse hookups. These items are priced around $ 100.

For those who have a large fleet of vehicles to maintain, there is a more powerful model that will stand up to the rigors of frequent use. This model is priced just over $ 200 and can help save a business money on auto maintenance or service due to lack of charge. They come on wheels like the other larger models and are easily moved to the desired location. The larger model can be used with recreational vehicles and semi trucks as well.