Sciatic Nerve Pain – Your Best Weapon in Your Journey For a Cure

Sciatic nerve pain is probably one of the most un-fun things in all the world. The pain can be so intense, and it can last so long, it is not uncommon for it to seem like a jungle that you can never really escape from. Doctors visits can be a bear to say the least. Sometimes you come out with a feeling of accomplishment, other times it is more a feeling of ‘ugh’. Have no fear sciaticans, we have something small and easy that can literally turn this whole nasty process on it’s ear. Something so amazingly awesome that it can easily become your new best friend. And yet this is so easy that it will really make you wonder why more doctors don’t push for their patients to do this. Don’t worry, unlike many other things in this sciatica world that you are in, this trick has no pain and can be done whenever you want in the comfort of your own home. So what is this super amazing super awesome trick? It’s journaling. Yes, that’s right, journaling. Maybe you have thought of it but never ‘jumped into’ it. Maybe you have never heard of it before but want to know more about it. No matter what the reason you are still reading this is, I am going to tell you just how journaling will show you where to find the ‘achilles heel’ in this monster known as the sciatica beast. 

Journaling for Sciatic Nerve Pain (top 3 benefits)

1. Have the freedom to try new things and know how they work – there are so many things in this sciatic jungle that you might want to try. Whether it be new foods, a new exercise, or a new pill. Journaling lets you log how you feel and what you ate, what pills you took, or what you did before you started feeling bad.  Don’t just journal when you are feeling bad. Journal when you feel good too – so you know what may have helped you get there.

2. Your doctor can get a sense of the pain you are in- if you are in mild pain, write it down. If you are in ‘holy mary and all the saints’ pain, write that down too. You want to be as descriptive as you can in your journal because otherwise your doctor may not really ‘get’ just how bad your flares get, (after all if you are doing cartwheels in his office it is hard to imagine you laid up in the fetal position two days before). Sciatic nerve pain can be tricky so unless your doctor lives with you, (which would make you pretty lucky by the way), you want to make sure that he knows just how intense your sciatic nerve pain can get.

3. A record of how far you have come- in this crazy sciatic maze, it is easy to feel that you are taking ‘one step forward and two steps back’. Having a detailed journal of your pain, daily activities, and food intake will give you something that you can look back on. Even if you have a day – or a week – where you are feeling particularly horrible, looking at that journal and remembering other ‘more horrible’ days can be a great inspiration.

Remember, you have the power to get through this.