Scooter Tune up Procedure

Scooter tuning is a simple do it yourself task. It is not necessarily done to increase the speed of your bike. Torque is what accelerates your weight against anything trying to resist it, including gravity and inertia force. Replacing parts of your scooter is aimed at increasing torque output which is beneficial in maintaining top speed.

This is what enables you to get off the line fast enough when traffic lights turn green. First though, you have to be aware of how to go about with the process.

If you plan to do it by yourself, you will first need to collect the tools and equipment needed for the job. Modification or replacement of moped parts will give your scooter more efficiency and acceleration to get you clear off traffic.

Amateur scooter drivers should preferably take the bike to a mechanic or repair shop so they do not cause new problems with the bike.

Most young people attempt to do this task solely to increase the speed of their scooters. This is legal in most countries provided the scooter meets the safety requirements prescribed by the authorities.

It isn’t recommended to let a rookie adjust your scooter though. If you are not sure about the process, simply take it to a garage and pay a little cash for the job. The scooter is designed to run with certain restrictions in the intake and exhaust systems. Carbon and oil deposits in these systems plus clogged air cleaners can reduce the efficiency and power of your scooter.

It is unwise to experiment on the scooter though. It would be much safer to read online forums and FAQ’s on how to go about the tuning process. Playing mechanic can lead to damage and further money spent on getting scooter spares for the bike.

If your scooter is going slower than when you firsts purchased it or seems slower than other similar models, it is probably a combination of worn drive parts and need of tune up.

Tuning is often done in a well ventilated area. This prevents a person from feeling nauseous from the chemicals used in the procedure. The working area should be clutter free and any junk should be disposed off appropriately. Keep your younger siblings away when tuning your scooter. The chemicals and tools used in the process are hazardous and risky for humans and animals.