Screw Bill Gates and that Facebook dude, fix your own Internet!

Step up with ADSL
Let’s say you want to use fast and easy Internet and you want to do this often. Because of the stable, fast connection that is ADSL, you can go online whenever you like.  Unlike cable internet, you don’t share the connection with others so those other users don’t slow down your internet. And you can use the internet as much and often as you like, for a permanent amount of money. So no extra costs when you use it more than you did last month.

So it’s fast?
It’s fast and furious, and excellent for selfish people who don’t want to share. ADLS is very fast Internet, which makes downloading big files more easy than it’s never been before. But how does it work? Without getting too technical, ADSL comes in through an analogue or digital phone line. This means the availability is very high. But there’s a minor flaw in the whole ADSL game. If you don’t live close enough to the power station, the speed of your Internet goes down rapidly. Bandwidth always stays the same, but quality (speed) might decrease. Don’t worry though, it’s just something you might like to know. And it might happen, it’s not guaranteed to happen. Most people don’t even notice it. So don’t freak out!

You’re the only user
That’s right, no leeching neighbors soaking up your internet speed. Another factor why ADSL is faster is that within most cable networks usually one provider rules the line. For real, you can’t choose another company. ADSL however is on your own phone line and you can see for yourself who holds that line. You don’t share it with others, and therefore the speed doesn’t decrease when others around you go online. Ha!

Or even better: wireless
Wireless internet or Wi-Fi (for Wireless Fidelity) makes it possible to go online without, there you go, a wire. No need for cables all over the house, just take your laptop outside, or upstairs or wherever you like.

And who’s it for?
More like: for who is it not? Your wireless connection picks up (also outdoors, like in coffee shops or wherever) signals from hotspots. These are also known as wireless Internet access points. So anyone with a laptop or desktop can connect wirelessly to the Internet to share the main connection. Neighbors may also be able to access this wireless connection, which is why passwords were invented. So long, leeches! Just you and the ones you’re willing to give access.

What do I need to get it?
Why wouldn’t you, this isn’t 1999! So if you want to get online quick you’ll need an access point to start with. These things come with the wireless modem you’ll also need. Your laptops and computers need network cards (but nowadays, most laptops pick up the signal because they already have one). Internet at home is different than the connection you want to pick up outside. When on the road, all you need is a PC card for your laptop and you can get online. Always and everywhere!

It all comes down to this…
–  It’s easy to change providers, and not expensive
–  Easy to fix and installed before you know it
–  Free modem for standard use
–  Improvement guaranteed, so faster and better Internet!

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