Seasonal Tights – What’s the Best to Wear in Summer and Winter?

You can find tights for all seasons as well as all occasions, with some types lending themselves to be more suitable for summer wear while others are more appropriate for winter. The different specifications of each will determine their suitability for the season, so for a quick run-through of what tights are best to wear when, read on.

A lot of people think that wearing tights in the summer is a no-go area. But this doesn’t have to be the case. As long as you choose wisely, there’s no reason where you can’t wear tights in the summer as well as the winter months if your outfit or preferences call for it.

If you want to wear tights in the summer, it’s best to go for very lightweight pairs that are sheer and breathable. There’s nothing worse than being hot and uncomfortable in the summer months, so give opaque tights a miss along with darker shades and thick materials such as wool. The lower the denier the better, as they’ll be far more comfortable and easier to wear.

Natural shades are ideal during the summer months, particularly during the first few when you may not yet have a tan but still want to look sun-kissed and glowing. You can even get tights with a slight sheen to them, which are perfect for dressing up and showing off your legs at their best. Pastels and brighter colours are also great for wearing in the summer if your outfit calls for it, but again make sure that they’re of the sheer lightweight variety and not thicker versions.

In winter, tights that are warm as well as fashionable are the order of the day. It’s the time to bring out the thicker pairs, but you don’t have to forsake fashion for practicality. Woollen pairs look great in the winter months and keep you cozy as well, and mean that you don’t have to give up your skirts and dresses just because the weather’s turned colder. Dress them up with a great pair of boots, and you’re good to go.

Darker shades are more often seen at this time of year as well, with blacks and greys usually being the colours of choice. But if you’re more of a bright-coloured fan, don’t let the gloomy winter months put you off! On the contrary, wearing bright colours in winter can really add to your outfit and can brighten up your day.

As you can see, you really can find a pair of tights for all seasons. As long as you make the right decisions you can be comfortable as well as fashionable in the summer, winter, and all year round.