Seattle And Atlanta Go Into Full 4g Mode Today

If you have been hearing about the Seattle and Atlanta 4G networks, surely you have been running into the hype machine. Certainly the concept sounds great: here is a network which can double or triple the others in just about everything. Is this actually happening? Everyone who has been wondering has probably already gotten an idea of the way it works through friends and associates. Here is the latest on the Seattle and Atlanta 4G network in case you are ready to get into the high speeds right away.

It has reached the quadruple point: Everyone is up in arms about the fact that the 4G network has hit the triple marker when compared to 3G service in the area. However, network providers would like you to take notice of the fact that it is actually quadrupling those speeds. In other words, it is no longer just a triple; it is officially a home run. With speeds like that you can get the little operations out of your way in seconds. After all, it is going just as fast as most home internet services.

It is going all over town and then some: The other big boast of the 4G providers comes back to network range. After all, you can send a text message anywhere these days. Get on a ferry to Staten Island, ride the river queen in Mississippi and youre able to text at will. Thats 2G service in effect. Now, the 3G network has gotten rather large as well. People are sending emails and checking the weather in places where you would never have thought it possible. What does 4G have? Looking over the range, it has more speed than anyone and is in most places where the other networks have long since set up shop. The difference is this network can handle all three signals, so you dont have limits.

It is solving the old issues: Thankfully, you can say that the new system is actually improving upon all those little things the older ones couldnt do. For example, it can deliver a smooth stream of video as opposed to choppy or nonexistent pictures. It can download big files quickly as opposed to crashing. It can even get you into video conferences from around the world. It has made the things youre getting used to at home also available in the course of the days travels.

Its got real value in the plans: The value of wireless plans has been under attack recently, as a lot has been coming to 4th generation subscribers without hitting them very hard in the pocketbook (or pocket, as it were). Who is paying for all this bandwidth? Well, the fact of the matter is it doesnt have to cost a lot to do a lot. If it seems like youre getting a great deal, dont worry. Its possible, and you should roll with it. After all, they have taken the time to bring the product to you.