Second And Third Line Of Jewelry To Go Ahead And Compete Nationwide Brand?

As Cartier, Tiffany jewelry and other international carrier-class brands to enter China to seize a large number of first-line market, and Chow Tai Fook, TSL and other Hong Kong and Taiwan brand from the first-tier cities continued to extend the three-line market, leaving local jewelry brand smaller and smaller living space, increasing the pressure of survival.

Not hard to imagine, when Borrowed brands and Hong Kong, Taiwan and other first-line brands are not satisfied with the current market interest, carry the brand, capital and talent advantages coveted second and third tier markets, when rooted in the second and third tier markets in the jewelry Enterprise nightmare is to play.

Chinese saying goes, is that “Rome was not built, cold day”, local jewelry companies blindly follow the trend of the early and extensive operation to make the industry into a brand, market, product and competitive means of homogenization of the plight of serious . At the same time, as management, human resources, and lack of brand awareness and other aspects of the hidden dangers posed by gradually emerge and become the bottleneck constraining the industry bigger and stronger. Market, “survival of the fittest” rule tells us: to a certain stage of development of any industry will lead to a realignment of the industry, the end result is a fully competitive industry as a whole gradually become a large unified market structure, which can not reverse the trend. Then, jewelry business executives how to guide enterprises to avoid the risk of shuffling? How to lead the company from two to three markets all over the country?

1. Re-positioning, and further market segments, to differentiate its brand image and temperament

Blindly follow the trend of the industry, the phenomenon of the early lead not only external manifestations of local jewelry brands, tend to the same intrinsic qualities, and the target market tends to be the same. Flood of European jewelry demand, order of the day wedding brand, immutable discounts … … lack of innovation and lack of innovation and courage have always been troubled by criticism bigger and stronger local brands. With foreign brands and Hong Kong and Taiwan brand across the board arrives, two, three wire jewelry brand repositioning has been implemented without delay.

Brand repositioning is to re-examine the market, the market for more scientific and in-depth breakdown of the brand to find a unique position different from other brands, such as brand, grade, characteristics, personality, target groups and so on. Next, the brand’s appeal, advertising creative, product color and packaging, marketing show, marketing strategy and brand positioning should be consistent, so as to highlight the brand’s effectiveness. In the process of repositioning the brand is important to note the following points: 1, re-find and establish their own superiority to advantage; 2, further forging and display business advantage; 3, will be the brand to the market, and in accordance with the market feedback and brand advantage of the strategic planning and adjustment; 4, through a series of public relations and advertising campaigns shaped and continues to this advantage.

Example, the emerging male jewelry TureMan jewelry brands, enterprises and further found that men’s jewelry market segments of consumer shows upward trend, such a huge market gap for the brand’s growth not only provides a strong point, but also with traditional women’s jewelry in sharp distinction. TureMan, male jewelry consumption, this guide to establish the brand positioning, and lead to social media attention. This is TureMan segmentation results, coupled with differentiated market performance, TureMan not only avoid the traditional jewelry brands head on and become synonymous with male ornaments.