Second, The Shareholders Meeting Has Not Yet Floor Trading Company Director General Triple – Triple

Held by the Group due to triple the company 2276.56 million restricted shares to be auctioned for sale to suspension

Triple Trading Company Has yet to resume trading. As the auction to buy the auction by the parties present, unpaid amount of Qi, the relevant stock transfer has not been completed, so

Triple Trading Company The two shareholders are not changed. At this critical moment, triple trading company will be held today (April 16, 2008) convened the Board of Directors considered a number of directors general and other motion.

While the above transfer of shares has not yet, but behind the scenes to buy by the square of light Hua Tiancheng Investment Co., Ltd. Beijing has already admitted that their adoption of a “shadow” companies competing on Haiya Ao Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. won the triple trading company shares. Light Huatian Cheng Luo Hongping investment bank manager the day before yesterday in an interview on whether the company has delayed the delivery time of the auction money has not been denied, and said it was only operational details of the problem, not his concern.

Triple trading company securities on behalf of high-Universal, told reporters that the company is also waiting for the Jinan Intermediate People’s Court on the final auction information, when the resumption of trading is still unknown. Because the related transfer of share transfer has not been completed, light Hua Tiancheng not currently counted as the company’s two shareholders.

“Light Huatian Cheng auction price for late delivery, if the court’s consent, then the auction is still valid.” Application for extension of delivery for light Huatian Cheng specific reasons for the auction funds, high-Wan said is not clear. He also said the triple trading company will be held today, the directors considered by the Board to determine the candidates, and please pay attention to the company’s annual report released a few days notice.

March 4 this year, triple trading company announcement said that the current Board of seven directors of the company’s term of office ended in February 2008, construction of Shandong Longji Island as a major shareholder in the general election of this board recommended 3 or 3 or more candidates for the non-independent directors and independent director candidates. Dragon’s Back Island Gome president Chen Xiao recommended construction, executive vice president of Gome, Gome vice president Wang Junzhou and Zhou Yafei as director candidates and recommend Gome vice president of North China region as a general manager candidate Chang Cheng.

“Should be a meeting tomorrow, members of the Board meeting old and new board of directors to shareholders only after the establishment of the General Assembly had opened.” Gome president Chen Xiao said, “Gome is a triple trading company’s controlling shareholder, the candidate recommended by the U.S. State people to become triple trading company directors should not be a problem. ” BOLA TANGKAS
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