Securities Analysts: Home Appliances Going Off A New Round Of The Brand Game

Started last year by the end of December, the Ministry of Finance and

Business Department of Joint pilot “

Home Appliances Countryside “policy, and the first in Shandong, Henan and Sichuan provinces start pilot projects, which

TV , Refrigerator The most important as this policy is one of the three commodities. Under this policy, farmers in pilot areas to purchase display “appliances to the countryside”

Logo The limit products, you can get 13% of financial subsidies. But the benefit not only farmers, the policy implemented from home appliances to the countryside view, home appliance manufacturer to become the biggest winner under the policy.

Securities Analysts have predicted that home appliances to rural areas to enhance the performance of listed companies on the appliance or a surprise.

Such surprises, what it means for the industry, color TV, refrigerator manufacturers have who can better grasp the opportunity to gain an advantage?

TV: CRT manual release delisting? Under the policy, the limit in winning the TV all 1,500 yuan less, so as to measure the current market price, market selling flat-panel

TV Apparently not under township, the biggest beneficiaries will be the CRT TV manufacturer.

It is worth noting that, on the CRT in the industry to be able to go one more cheers when the Board, the global TV industry benchmark has already turned to flat list. According to the latest research data shows that during the fourth quarter of 2007, the global liquid crystal (

LCD ) TV shipments for the first time than CRT TV, CRT TV shipments in Q4 2006 fell 77% in Q4 2007 46%.

CRT worldwide hopeless situation, in the global TV industry, the transition from CRT to flat panel television, when, according to

China Electronics Video Industry Association of published data shows that 70% of China’s color TV industry, product, or CRT. The resulting effect is that in 2007 the rapid decline in the domestic color TV exports, while in the era of the global flat panel TV manufacturers fierce competition, domestic color TV enterprises are facing increasing pressure, profit margins are generally lower than 2%, 2007 TV giants in the first half of the collective “duties,” living on profit shares.

In fact, as early as before the implementation of home appliances to the countryside, there are rumors that the collective household electrical appliance enterprises to exit the CRT market. However, the profitability of the domestic color TV enterprises still rely on CRT, although hard to find CRT trace domestic cities, but the last two years in the country still showed the coexistence of flat panel and CRT, CRT is said delisting was premature.

A result, competition in the global flat-panel wind blowing, the home appliances to the countryside is still introducing policies CRT, many expressed concerns that the industry that way, domestic color TV enterprises and foreign brands in the plate gap will become increasingly large, are man-made mitigation CRT delisting move. Appliance industry, said Liu Buchen, senior observers, are low-end appliances to the countryside CRT TV, but not under the township’s flat panel TV is the future direction of development is the color TV, no representative of the product development continues, some of the products to be eliminated within a short but go on. If Nongbu Hao, will bring a negative effect, resulting in China’s color TV enterprises CRT TVs have unrealistic fantasies.

Reporter has learned that home appliances to the countryside as a pilot project in the future or the present may be implemented throughout the country. Then, for enterprises, will face the 34 broader market, the formation of more channels, as companies betting on the resulting product model is not just national regulations of the countryside. According to reports, Hisense

Electrical That is successful, “home appliances to the countryside”, while the implementation of the enterprise’s own “flat countryside”, and put forward their own subsidies to 13% of the enterprises to implement flat-panel TV.

Industrial Securities analyst analysis appliances, household appliances to rural areas to enhance the performance of listed companies on the appliance or a surprise. It is obvious that domestic demand in the country started a policy background, the home appliances to the countryside full swing, it will pull the company direct TV sales, the company would be useful to improve performance.

Refrigerator: policy unleashed enormous market potential

The development of domestic refrigerator industry has maintained a good momentum in recent years.