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Young boy is the problem child, rebellious, naive, and at home, playing the father, school teacher punishment. His father often mouth fan, footed, straight played him a bloody nose spray, face was swollen like bread, it stop there. But the next day, the boy still was or how the how to. Once, his father waving up fury, throwing out, he is less than dodge and bangs his head on the ceiling, but also from that, he came to the nosebleeds problems. He inadvertently discovered an interesting phenomenon: as long as gently tap nose, nosebleed just get instructions like, bolted out. From then on, whenever the teacher punished him, he will take advantage of teachers do not pay attention, tapping his nose, the teacher saw his nose was bleeding to be kept not immediately fined.
Every time his father hit him, he did the same, corporal punishment, see blood every time basis, he applied successfully, but unfortunately, learned from cheating. When the punishment became routine, no use of corporal punishment has had. He intensified: often very skillfully dig their parents clothes hanger pockets. He learned to steal. Until one day, his father’s words because of the change. That day, his father taking a trip down the station and the bus trip home had to sit. In order to save two dollars, his father walks tens of miles away back.
Father at the door, grueling general, while lying down, while the mother said: “To feel bad two dollars, I walked back.” He used to steal, could not help but put his hand into my father’s jacket hanging on the wall pocket. But the turn too long, just pulls out two one dollar notes. That note is rubbed faster rotten, dark, and dirty. Usually, he stole the money like to play online games.
“In order to distress two dollars, I walked back.” Continued his father’s words echoed in his mind as, he touched the hearts of the most flexible one: the father is not easy, shameful. His first for his own actions had anxiety, guilt and pain. Finally, he ran away like the same back home to the hearts of your hands like carbon block two dollars back into his father’s pocket. Later, he will steal again and again to put back the money in the pockets of parents. Repeated several times, he finally found his inner goodness; never put his hand to any place should not be reached. His change is not what Quondam from the experience the, but only two dollars from the education! The highest level of education should be “Dead Poets Society, softly.” Because, soft rather than hard: to save more than punishment, to save a person’s soul is always better than sanctions to a person’s body is much cleverer.