Selecting The Best Pc Activity Monitor Tool

Do you want to see how your official resources are being used? Do you want to know what kind of websites are being viewed by your employees, spouse, and kids? Are you worried about the misuse of your computer then PC Activity Monitor can be a solution for you to get an answer for all these questions. This is a software that provides you live images of the ongoing computer activities helping you to know what kind of websites are being opened by your employees, spouse, and kids.

There are many PC Activity Monitor tools available in the market, which help you know what is going on which computer. Such tools are often designed to monitor multiple computers in a network; therefore, before buying any of such tools you must make it sure that computers are arranged in a network. Though, there are many PC monitoring tools available in the market, selecting the best tool is a challenging task. Therefore, you must know your requirements behind buying such a tool. If you know why you need the software only then you will be able to buy the best PC Activity Monitor tool. Mentioned below are some facts that help selecting activity monitoring tool with ease:

1.Make a list of the features that you are looking for. For example, you want to monitor desktop activities of the users, you want to get real time images of the ongoing activities, you want complete control of the monitored computers, etc.
2.Make is sure that if you want to view users activities in real time or want to record the activities to view them later on.
3.PC Activity Monitor tools are made available based on various license packs. So, you have to make it sure that how many users you want to monitor simultaneously. For example, if you want to monitor 10 users at a time then you shall purchase 10 users license pack for PC Activity Monitoring tool.
4.Monitoring tools come in a package of two setup files first is called viewer and second is called agent. Viewer is installed at auditors system whereas agent is installed at target computers. Therefore, make a list of the Windows operating systems on which the agents will be installed. This is because it may happen that the software that you are deciding to buy does not support the Windows operating system running on viewer or agent computers.

Consider these points while evaluating any PC Activity Monitor tool. Employee Desktop Live Viewer is an effective tool designed to monitor multiple computers in a network in real time. The software provides live images of the ongoing desktop activities whereas providing the facility to record ongoing desktop activities. Employee Desktop Live Viewer supports all windows operating systems, such as Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000, which means you can install it in any computer for keeping tabs on users activities. Additionally, the software provides complete control over monitored computers. For example, you can start screen saver, remove wall paper, send message on the monitored computer, etc. BOLA TANGKAS