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Sometimes, by connecting one device to the compressed air supply station in the quality of compressed air also can not solve the problem. In order to obtain the best mechanical efficiency and product quality, in-house air supply system or a separate department, the compressed air users who will need to obtain a compressed air quality overview. ISO8573 able to answer this question, which requires aapc compressors, compressed air and vacuum technology trade association to provide sufficient air proposal.

On-demand for grain as little as possible
ISO standards provided by the principle of “on-demand, so that less particles as possible.” Because in addition to technical requirements, aapc of member companies in the drafting of standard documents have carefully considered the issues, even from the perspective of the user cost of the problem. Of course, the investment cost is an important part of it: high quality compressed air, it means high quality cleaning equipment or cleaning equipment. But more important is the equipment operating costs.

Nanjing Ray International Trading Co., Ltd. set potential users can actually provide some real help.
Compressed air processing includes several components ( Filter Or dry pre-filtering devices filter joint, the second filter / concentrator and concentrated processing, etc.), product specialists can help you are planning a complete solution. Those who want to choose the filter, they must first familiarize yourself with the functions related to data filters, and can set the uniform initial conditions (pressure, flow, peripheral and inlet temperature, relative humidity, etc.).

Oil-free compressor better? Pressure dew point in the processing, retention and residual oil content of the problem, people soon discovered that “air quality” is a very complex matter. Sometimes, some users may tend to a basic simple choice?? Use oil-free compressor. Their idea is to use residual oil content of oil-free compressors at least will no longer be a need to consider the issue, it will not only simplify the processing equipment, more economic access to compressed air will be possible.

In fact, oil-free compressor is not to compress the chamber fuel injection, but the compressor bearings and other components that require lubrication, and this compressor, the oil can reach the air in the same. Inhaled air, too, can easily be contaminated (remember, the average dust content of individual 20mg/m3), therefore, in any case, purification is essential. Especially when oil-free compressor produces compressed air than there is oil lubricated compressor produces compressed air temperature is high, it will be more wet granular dirt adhesion. In conclusion the choice of oil-free compressors and oil lubricated air compressor, highly efficient purification process is necessary. When replacement filter

Questions about the efficiency of the filter cartridge must be concerned about the replacement cycles, many users believe that the work to extend the filter life can reduce costs. On the contrary, Zhanman pollution particles filter so that different parts of the compressor to increase pressure, the air station’s energy consumption will also increase. Therefore, unless some new solutions such as a network to help the environment monitor the filter function has been applied, or should always be concerned about the filter pressure. When energy costs and filter costs add up to the minimum, is to replace these filters the best time. In other words, if the filter material cost than the old filter is expected to consume low energy cost, when is the best time to replace the filter.

Nanjing Ray International Trading Co., Ltd. compression forces set Air Filter Work
1, carrying with dust, oil, rust and moisture and other harmful substances in air, compressed air filters into the first stage filter.

2, when the compressed air through the first stage filter cartridge tubular mesh generated when coalescence effect, bigger particles will be attracted to the filter on and the water will condense into larger droplets. 3, into the separation chamber, the compressed air slowed down, so once again assembled particles, mist condensed again in a honeycomb-traps on.

4, carrying the impurities in the water particles flow along the bottom of the drainage system, through automatic or electric drain valve to discharge.

5, more than 95% of compressed air drop of water, oil and filter large particles were first filtered through the first level filtered compressed air into the second stage filter.

6, compressed air through the second level of fibers made of special cotton filter, it will produce thousands of small vortices, while the number of times the compressed air will be accelerated, as if a tornado vortex center, as the formation of vacuum, in the first filter is not filtering the water droplets again gasification, conversion, filtering, and as small as 5 microns was also completely removed the second stage filter.

7, through two filters to clean, no rust, no oil, no water droplets in a clean, dry compressed air, to protect the normal operation of pneumatic equipment, pneumatic equipment to extend the service life. BOLA TANGKAS