Self Defence Items That Will Save Your Life

You are more at risk from being attacked than ever before and for this reason alone there has never been a time to learn of ways to protect yourself, the best way to learn how to protect your self is either by going to classes, reading tutorials or watching self defence video tutorials, however some of these methods are easier to understand and quicker to learn than the others, while some are more expensive. However for this essay I’m simply going to give you advice on items you can use to protect yourself while learning how to fight.

When I teach people what to use and how to use them when they are attacked they are surprised and sometimes disgusted however I always tell them would you prefer to go out of your comfort zone or be killed and all of them suddenly agree that the technique is suitable. With this article I will tell you about everyday items and how you can use them if you are ever attacked.

Keys – car keys, house keys or another type of keys are very useful in self defence. Chances are you will always have a set of keys nearby or in your pocket. If you’re in a situation where you think you are about to get robbed, rapped, badly beaten or killed then why wouldn’t you want to stop this from happening. Using a set of keys will allow you to get out of a situation like this. Set your keys in your hand with the sharpest side facing outwards then hit the attacker in any soft tissue, this can be the eyes, throat or even the temple as soon as you have done this you should have given yourself enough time to escape the situation.

Pens – most of us carry pens on a daily basis, using a pen like described above is also an effective way to get out of trouble.

Deodorant bottles or cans of soda – deodorant bottles or cans of Pepsi might sound like a silly idea for a self defence object however if you think of the weight of one of these objects and think of smashing them into the side of an attackers head then you soon have a deadly weapon.

All of the techniques above are suitable and quick ways of getting out of trouble; I personally would only recommend using them when the situation calls for it.