Self Defense Misconceptions and Assumptions

There are many misconceptions and assumptions when it comes to self defense. The truth is, many people would not know what to do if they needed to defend themselves. Unfortunately, assumptions related to self defense get many people into sticky situations each and every day. In order to defend yourself properly, you must know the truth about self defense.

One of the most prevalent notions is that you will be thrown in jail for defending yourself. In fact, it is legal to defend yourself if you are being attacked. As long as the device you choose is legal in the area where you are located, it is completely legal to use it if someone should try to attack you. However, you must stop fighting them when you can reasonably get away.

Martial arts moves are not always effective in the real world. Even if you see spinning kicks and amazing punches on TV, it will almost always be ineffective to try these moves when you’re being attacked. Unless you’re trained in using martial arts as a self defense method, your attacker would likely be able to overcome such moves, especially if they outweigh you, are physically stronger, or are carrying a weapon, at least one of which is likely to be true.

Too many people believe that attacks only happen to “other people.” Although many types of self defense products are targeted towards women, and women may be attacked more often because assailants perceive them as weaker, you may become the target of an attack no matter your age, your style, your personality, or any other factor.  The reality is that normal people are attacked every day in their homes, while out jogging, or when returning to their car after work. An attack can happen anytime, anywhere. You can’t ensure your safety simply by staying away from “bad” areas after dark, although this will help to lower your chances of an attack. With that being said, there are a few things you can do to make yourself a less likely target, including walking confidently and leaving your expensive jewelry at home. A person out alone, no matter their look, is an easier target than a group of people.

Some people also believe that if they are the unfortunate victims of an attack, there is nothing they would be able to do to fight back. This is far from the case! You can fight back with personal alarms, batons, stun guns, TASER® devices, or pepper spray. There are many different self defense devices you can use to thwart an attack, and most are designed to be comfortable enough for everyday people to use. Most work at just the push of a button, so they’re easy enough to use even as you are frightened and in the middle of being attacked. There is nothing fair or even about being attacked, so use whatever method you have to fight back. The worst thing that you can do when being attacked is to just stand there or turn your back on the attacker to run.

You aren’t defenseless when it comes to self defense. In fact, there are many strategies you can use. However, first you must realize that you or someone you love may be attacked, and you need to be prepared NOW, not “someday.”