Self Defense Products – Choose the Best For Your Budget

It is impossible today to turn on the TV and not hear about yet another personal attack. It doesn’t matter where you live, your local news channel, newspaper and radio has stories every day of some innocent community member being accosted in some way.

As a result, alarms are being bought at an astounding rate. Purchases of guns are rapidly rising. But, what if you don’t want a gun and/or can’t afford an alarm system? What other options are available? There are a lot of options available. There is a wide variety of affordable self-defense weapons to be found.

Recently, more and more self-defense tools and weapons have become available. Affordable self-defense weapons are more accessible than ever before. There are many choices available. There are tasers that come in various sizes and voltages. There are stun guns that are disguised as cell phones. There is pepper spray in containers that range from canisters to guns.

I remember an unfortunate incident during my college days when I had an encounter with a robber. I was on the bus talking with a friend on my cell phone when a man sat down beside me. “No worries,” I said to myself because the man looked well mannered and harmless.

After a few minutes, while threatening me with a knife he quietly demanded my cell phone. Scared to death, I instinctively gave it to him. He made his way off the bus swiftly while I was left in tears.

If I could turn back time I should have invested in a personal safety alarm to protect me from threats.

With an ear splitting alarm, any aggressor would surely be discouraged to pursue his attacks and frightened with the attention the handy personal panic security alarm brought.

Women and children are luckier nowadays because a personal protection alarm is available at very affordable prices and model selections.

There are clever key chain alarms with lights, child guard remote monitor kit, and personal alarm with flashlight to name a few of these amazing products.

If you don’t have a personal security alarm yet surely you’ll find something that will fit your needs and preferences.

Before you start to look for your personal attack alarm.

It is important to do some research to find affordable self-defense weapons. Find out how they work. Decide which ones would be the best for you. Which ones will be the most efficient, effective and at the same time, the most simple for you to use? You will be surprised at the amount of choices you have at an affordable price.