Selling Real Estate And The Social Wave Of The Future

So many Realtors today are missing out on what social media can do and more importantly what it will do for them in the future. If you are reading this you are one of the Realtors that can see the future of selling property on the internet and according to this year’s NAR statistics over 90% of people that bought property this past year started their search on the internet. With the numbers that are looking online and buying from that information it just can’t be ignored and many Realtors today are doing just that. I read a blog post today from a Realtor in Florida that said he can’t attribute one sale to his long list of Twitter followers and that may be right but he has missed many other things social media is doing for him like helping his own web site rank better.


You must ask yourself if social media was not going anywhere and could not do anything for you why does Facebook have over 500,000,000 members and yes I do have the zeros correct that is half a billion and growing. One more thing that should tell you the social wave is just getting started is Google spending billions getting more involved in social, have you heard of Google ME yet? Well this is Google going after Facebook whether they say it or not they want a piece of the action as well. Google has spent billions catching up, they have purchased YouTube, and launched Google Buzz that will now be layered into Google Me and will wrap all this into the Google keyword search that is by far number one.


Now lets go back to the two women at the AT&T store for a minute, what does this tell you about real estate and building a bigger client base, people talk whether happy with a person or product or not happy but the do talk and Real Estate selling is very social. When you sell a house or tract of land to someone Facebook makes it very easy for your clients to spread that word to all their friends.


Now with all these things being said about social media where does this leave you as a Real Estate Professional and selling more property.  There are a few things social media can do for you, Blog post can be used as a great source of one way back links to help your website popularity, Facebook is a great way to ask your clients to spread the word about your company and Twitter and e-mail is a great way to update your clients on new listings and price changes.