Sensational Susan Boyle (A Very Good Lesson)

Hello readers – I hope everyone is doing well today. Two weekends ago, one lady from Scotland shocked the world. I saw the video of her singing and I was totally amazed and shocked as well. Who is this Susan Boyle? Well, below I’m going to tell you about it.

Susan Boyle, a shy and solitary person was born in 1961. A Scottish amateur singer and church volunteer; she is the youngest of nine children and lives alone with her cat, Pebbles. She spent years taking care of her mother, who recently died and she lives in a government-subsidized home. She became public attention on 11 April 2009, when she appeared as a contestant on the third series of Britain’s Got Talent.

The frizzy-haired squarely built Susan Boyle walked onto the stage of Britain’s Got Talent in front of the three judges. The audience laughed mercilessly as she did a saucy hip wiggle and said she’d like a chance to prove she could be as good as Elaine Page, the legendary singer often called the First Lady of British musical theater.

Then she did something extraordinary. She sang “I Dreamed a Dream” from the West End musical Les Misérables. Within the first few bars of “I Dreamed a Dream”, the audience was standing and applauding. She sang so beautifully that she received a standing ovation and is the talk of the UK. Her audition which has since been put on Youtube has received tens of millions of views. The judges pronounced themselves shocked and impressed with her soaring vocals especially Simon Cowell.

So, what did we learn from Susan Boyle?

A very good question. What did we learn? Well, there’s a saying “Do not judge a book by its cover”. Susan was written off before she’d sung a note. Why? Because she’s a frumpy middle-aged Scotswoman, claims never been kissed and frizzy-haired. That is not right. Sometimes it’s worth giving people a chance before writing them off. They may just surprise you.

The audience’s reaction to her was hardly surprising. Were we all being cynical? Well yes, but that’s human nature. People tend to make quick judgements. A quote by her “Modern society is too quick to judge people on their appearances. There is not much you can do about it; it is the way they think; it is the way they are. But maybe this could teach them a lesson, or set an example.”

She’s not a huge hit because she sang the best version of” I Dreamed A Dream”, there are better versions around. She’s a huge hit because people were not expecting her to be so good. The fact that she exceeded everybody’s expectations made her performance extraordinary and something that people want to talk about.

Her sudden fame came from her ability to remind her audience that, like them, she is a normal, flawed and vulnerable person, familiar with disappointment and mockery, but who nevertheless has the determination to fight for her dream.

After her performance:

“I am so thrilled because I know that everybody was against you. I honestly think that we were all being very cynical, and I think that’s the biggest wake-up call ever. And I just want to say that it was a complete privilege listening to that.” – Amanda Holden, Britain’s Got Talent.

“Just like the judges and audience, I was gob-smacked by the emotional powerhouse performance of Susan Boyle’s show-stopping rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream”. Vocally, it is one of the best versions of the song I’ve ever heard-touching, thrilling and uplifting. I do hope she gets to sing it for the Queen.” – Cameron Mackintosh, the producer of Les Miserables musical.

Finally a big congratulations to Susan who will continue to chase her dream. Something we should all be doing. I hope all of you readers had learn a valuable lesson from this article and from Susan Boyle as well.