Serving Mom Breakfast In Bed On Mother’s Day

In order to really please Mom, keep her in mind when choosing the foods so that it’s her favorite meal, not that of the person doing the cooking. Be sure that the meal choice it is something possible. If her favorite breakfast is above the chef’s cooking abilities, another achievable favorite breakfast of hers should be made instead. Creating winning French toast or a delicious Belgian waffle is preferable to making a poor attempt at imitation Eggs Benedict. Although the gesture may be appreciated and enjoyed, the breakfast food itself will not. The aim of serving Mom breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day is to treat her to a pleasant surprise, not a surprise disaster.

Treat Mom with care when waking her. Give her time to go to the powder room, brush her teeth or simply take stock of what is happening. Help her get comfortable by propping up pillows and straightening the bedspread. When serving the food, do not simply bring the breakfast to Mom on her special day and expect her to juggle the dishes and somehow keep the coffee from spilling all over her lap. Serve her the food on a functional tray. A tray can be placed right in front of her on the bed or on the bedside table. Presentation of the meal is just as important as the meal itself. Make the breakfast look elegant with a with a place mat or doilies, a cloth napkin and maybe a rose or her Mother’s Day card.

Along with the beautiful presentation of the Mother’s Day breakfast in bed, include little touches that are particular to Mom. For example, it’s always satisfying when the coffee is made exactly way she takes it. Including the morning paper she likes to read during breakfast, her slippers and robe she likes to put on first thing in the morning or some music she likes to add a little ambiance to go with the meal will make all the Add anything that will make the meal one that she knows is just for her.

There is one word of caution regarding the success of the Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. Make sure to wake Mom with the completed breakfast and not with the noise made during the creation of it. Follow these simple rules to keep Mom from wandering into the kitchen and asking what the heck is going on. That would certainly spoil the surprise.

– Be as quiet as possible.
– Avoid using electric mixers and can openers.
– Do not bang pots and pans on the stove top or in the oven.
– Be aware of the noise clattering dishes and silverware can make.
– Do not overload a tray to the point that it will undoubtedly tip over or spill.
– Keep conversation to a minimum and speak in a whisper.

Serving Mom breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day is a wonderful tradition and one that Mom will treasure. If these simple suggestions and guidelines are heeded, the breakfast will be a success and one sure to be remembered.

Marley Martinerin is a regular contributor to a number of sites and writes articles about such topics as the breakfast bed tray, and the breakfast tray.