Setting up Your InFocus LCD Projector

The great video resolution that you will get with the projector is by using the LCD one. A LCD projector will project the image with the metal halide lamp by the prism that will separate a light to the colors and will also provide the crisp display. As a power of a lamp, A LCD projector will tend to be smaller and also more portable than most of another types of the projectors on a market. If you have the InFocus LCD projector, to set it up will be an easy process. Just read the information below.

For the first step, you can place your projector on the flat surface at least three feet from a screen and also ten feet from a power source. You need to make sure that a projector will be at least 6 inches from the wall or even other obstruction.

For the second step, you need to connect the cables to your projector. After that, plug a power cord to a power source on your projector and then plug another end to the wall socket. Also, you can plug the cables from the computer or even cable box to an inputs on your projector. If you use the computer, you will connect a computer to your projector by using a VGA cable. For the cable box, you will use the HDMI or even Component video cable.

For the next step, remove the entire lens cap and then turn your projector on by pressing the “Power” button. You need to make sure that it has the power and also the bulb is on and also shining brightly.

After that, adjust the height of your projector by pressing a “Release” buttons on either side of your projector. The buttons will extend your projector elevator feet. Then, increase or even decrease a size of an image on a screen by moving your projector farther way and also closer to a screen. An image must fill up as much of a screen as possible.

It is also important for you to adjust a focus or even zoom of your projector by turning the dials that are located on a top of your projector next to the lens. An image must appear crisp and then you have to be able in seeing an entire image on a screen.

For the last step, press a “Menu” button on your projector. You can use the arrow keys in order to select a “Color,” “Brightness” and also “Audio” menus. You can adjust these setting by using the arrow keys and then “OK” button. After that, press a “Menu” key in order to exit the menu.