Seven Things You Need To Check When Buying A Second Hand Honda

For the most part, Honda’s are known around the world as being particularly reliable cars.

They may not stand out as being some of best high performance cars and they’re not likely to win any away awards for their top end luxury, but you can practically guarantee that if you buy a Honda, you’re not going to have to spend much money maintaining and repairing it.

However, as with every mass produced item on the planet, not every car to enter Honda dealers is perfect and therefore if you’re out looking in second hand Honda dealers, be sure to keep an eye out for the following seven points.

1. Minor annoyances – due to the reliability of Hondas, it’s not often reported that anything major goes wrong across the board.

Whilst this may be the case, there have been a number of reports of minor nuisances in a variety of models, such as dashboard rattling. Nothing that isn’t had to detect or resolve, it’s just worthwhile keeping an eye out for the minor things that could annoy you most.

2. Brakes – particularly on Accords in general, the brakes have been known to not be as great as on other Hondas.

They aren’t dangerous by any standards, but they’re prone to needing more repairs and maintenance than what would be considered normal.

3. Electronics – one of the problems on Accords that entered Honda dealers just after the turn of the last millennium is that their electronics aren’t reputed to be of the best quality.

Dashboard lights can be faint and the windows can be jerky. As with all problems, this isn’t for every single Accord from Honda dealers between 2000 and 2003, but it’s worthwhile keeping an eye out for them if you’re planning on buying an Accord from around this time.

4. Leaking boot – an issue that’s particularly apparent with Honda Civic Type Rs, the seal around the boot has been known not to fit as perfectly as it should, leading to water being able to leak into the boot space.

5. Rust – as with any second hand car of a certain age, rust can be a problem. However, as long as it’s been treated correctly and hasn’t just been painted over, it shouldn’t cause you any major issues in the future.

6. Tyres / tracking / alignment – as with rust, poor tyres, tracking and alignment can be a problem with all cars and it’s therefore imperative that you take a look at the wear of the car’s tyres.

Remember, general wear is normal – it’s if there is excessive wear on one part of the tyre that can cause problems.

7. History – to ensure that the second hand Honda you’re buying has been looked after to the best possible standard, it’s strongly recommended that you take a look at its service and maintenance history, looking at everything from when the car was serviced to any receipts that relate to work which has been carried out and where the car was maintained and repaired.

What’s important to keep in mind is that whilst it’s favourable for any work to have been carried out at a Honda garage (or Honda approved garage), as long as the car has been well looked of, that’s the most important point. BOLA TANGKAS