Shanghai Fic2010: China Function Sugar Industry Trends

2010 China International Food Ingredients Exhibition Shanghai FIC2010 20th anniversary exhibition. Shanghai is Asia’s largest and most authoritative FIC2010 food additives and food ingredients international professional exhibition, giants at home and abroad enterprises fully functional sugar together, showcasing the latest products and new technologies, exhibits diverse functions include sugar as a food additive products and all aspects of product ingredients . Shanghai FIC2010 Show features highlight of sugar.

 Function of sugar is an important functional food ingredients which species are present, China’s rapidly developing a class of food ingredients, sugar is functional ingredients. Functional sugar ingredient is the human body has a regulatory function of carbohydrates, oligosaccharides class, sugar alcohols. Sugar to function as a food additive market, lack of supervision so Nishajuxia, to fish in high-profile event with Shanghai FIC2010 a forecast of sugar industry prospects, advantages and disadvantages, business confidence for the firm functions of sugar, the star of the brand to create the food industry to raise the overall level of food safety to ensure food safety people will have far-reaching strategic significance.

 Almost all of the food production in varying degrees, use of food additives. The so-called food additives is to shorten the process for food processing and product preservation, to improve food quality and nutritional value of the chemical or natural additives. Can be said that no food additives, no modern food industry.

 Functional safety of the sugar source is the main cause of natural products so popular

 Shanghai FIC2010 show exhibitors strict quality control, enhanced food quality and safety control, prominent display and promotion to ensure food safety technology and equipment, instruments and methods to improve food safety awareness of the industry, to promote honesty among enterprises. Not only is the “rules” improve the food safety standards, building needs, more functional additives, sugar enterprises standardize the voice market, Zaiciqiangdiao Wan Shan food additive company’s credit certification Tiji.

 To improve food hygiene safety, function and sugar enterprises should pay attention: the selection of quality raw materials: control of toxic and hazardous materials purchased and fresh raw state, as far as possible use of the disease, pollution, green food materials; production Quality control: standard process flow, to develop and implement standards related to production, to maintain environmental hygiene to prevent cross-contamination Si Pin, prevent poisonous ingredients were mixed, normative functions of the use of sugar; distribution channels, the green camp: focus on the function of sugar transport and storage conditions of perfect and complete management control to track and prevent deterioration, expired function of sugar into the market.

 International organizations, sugar varieties of the existing functional rigorous, detailed study and evaluation of drug mechanics, developed a detailed standard, people out of the health concern and a Chongshang Yuan sugar additives on the function of natural food, not synthesized. Objectively speaking, poor food hygiene and safety is our most common and most serious food problems.

 With the improvement of living standards, people are growing their own lives and health concerns and food sales and consumption, international, rational functions will further promote China sugar enterprises to focus on improving the function of sugars derived from natural food additives in food the proportion of the industry to improve food quality and nutritional value of ingredients, which will be able to promote the safety of food additives.

 Safe, low-calorie, low absorption of food nutrients is the fundamental trend of industrial development

 In 2010, a China rich. The world economy pick up, economists “health industry is the fifth wave of wealth” and predicted that the policy introduced in China to stimulate consumption, the concept of improved living standards and diet changes, nutritional requirements for food in China more and more rich, delicious The human body has also called for some special effect. World experts agree the functional food into the historical center of the stage spotlight.

 Functional food is the fastest growing abroad and the most promising type of food, in the United States as a “21st century food” direction, even in Japan, known as the “21st century food” is very promising. BOLA TANGKAS