“To shine ” means Waka, waka, waka which are over-thought terms in South Africa. All countries refer these to sports meet. It’s not to go off line at all and ready to greet.


“To shine “meaning Waka, waka, waka
Well thought over terms in South Africa
All countries assembled there for sports meet
Not to go off line at all and ready to greet


World sport lovers meet is staged
Everything is beautifully arranged
Fine display of sports spirit
There is high hope with glimmering light


Sport spirit is flying high and show is well managed
Enough care is taken to improve upon and relation not damaged
It is unique gathering on large scale to make it grand success
Whole world watches it on screen with planned approach and access


It is difficult to take care of national sentiments
The crowd remains active and offer encouragement with comments
It is hard and difficult task to control the out burst with patience
Light flare up can lead to unnecessary scuffle and jeopardize session


It is national pride and befitting status to stage show on such large scale
World comes closer like sea and allowing movements for giants like whale
Every athlete or team is in it self is a complete composition
It enhances he pride and elevates the prestige for nation


It is well know fact that sports bind nations together
Hostility is completely forgotten and no one bothers
You may find high tempo running among nations to score outright win
It is of course do or die battle but situation can be win or no win


The host country may earn in millions
The total viewers may exceed in trillions
Above all it is great get together and biggest union
World may soon to realize how best to live in cohesion


The sport light taken across continent conveys the message
The international peace and brotherhoods have clear passage
The countries may be fighting bitterly for ages
It will great achievement if they forget for moment and manage


You may not love to each other if no chance is afforded
Peace and stability can’t exist if proper honor is not accorded
It has got no meaning if sentiments are allowed to run high
It may damage national honor if flag is not allowed to fly


The world sport can bring nations together in true sense
It is biggest challenge and there is necessity for its presence
World have to adopt peaceful co-existence for survival
Misery, distrust and disasters can’t be greeted on their arrival


“Waka waka” to shine and make other to feel very fine
Let people enjoy every moments when they assemble to dine
It is glorious moment to have its implications very far
World may come closer even though some of them may at war


Waka is African term meaning “to shine”