Shoe face overseas to China, we go from here

Many of downtown’s hubbub in China Nike Air Max 90 shoe overseas financing, we are faced with the opportunity or crisis? What should we go from here. Now we understand that the economic crisis rooted in the local small and medium enterprises which had brought no small shock to face the problem of the shortage of funds chains. Currently, they have also begun to explore the way the Chinese property market and lower the threshold for financing mergers and acquisitions, not only because China has its lack of funds, but because they see potential here with their huge market hungry.

Today, foreign enterprises to co-ownership market to find financing, but also for confidence in the Chinese market. Not long ago, the Italian Foreign Trade Commission, the United Association of the Italian footwear industry (ANCI), held in Beijing in autumn and winter 2009/2010, the Italian shoe industry trends conference. This biannual event for the Italian Nike Air Max 24-7 shoe exports to China to play an important role. According to reports, 10 years ago, the Italian shoe exports to China of only 10 million, has now increased to 1 billion U.S. dollars, the growth rate is gratifying. In view of the Chinese market acceptance of Italian shoes, Italian side to open up from this year will focus on Beijing, Shanghai, other than the market, such as Qingdao, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing and so on.

And other traditional industries in the shoe, there are many successful precedents overseas equity acquisitions, to shoes, the more successful cases of foreign acquisitions ought to know Italian brand O’Connell million acquisition of Li Weide (VALLEVERDE). For international O’Connell, the domestic shoe most is a mature brand value. This move can be seen from O’Connell. General view, the practice of domestic enterprises overseas enterprises are often retained product Nike Air Max 2009 brands, design agencies and personnel, the use of sales channels in China. Compared to saturated markets in Europe and America, China and other emerging markets to become the target of these traditional industries, so the acquisition of Chinese enterprises, in addition to mature brand outside of its design talent to ensure that brand value, design level and influence in emerging markets, but also are overseas mergers and acquisitions of Chinese enterprises in the implementation of an important consideration when one of the criteria.