Shopping In London And The Hotels Near Oxford Street

Oxford Street in London is the busiest shopping street in the whole of Europe. Shoppers crowd the pavements to such a degree that in recent years it had to close to all traffic other than buses and taxis. On some days of the year, such as the build up to Christmas, it is even closed to these forms of traffic.

There are plenty of hotels near Oxford Street to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of annual visitors to this shopaholics delight. Whether you are after the latest in fashions or just after a good bargain, Oxford Street has it all. Just about every major store chain in the U.K. has its flagship branch in Oxford Street. New fashions are often tested here before distribution to provincial towns and cities. From Hyde Park down to Tottenham Court Road there are hundreds of shops selling everything imaginable.

In many ways the history of Oxford Street has always been one of trading. From the heart of the City of London at old Grey friars near The Tower of London, this road connected the City to Oxford some sixty miles away. The word Oxford is simply the two words Ox and Ford joined together. Oxford City is on the upper reaches of the Thames which is of course the main waterway of London. Before the tricky business of building bridges over the Thames was ever contemplated, one of the few places where drovers could take their cattle across the river was at a place now known as Oxford named after that possibility.

As well as the hotels near Oxford Street there are other places such as Bayswater hotels London which are just a short walk away. Most of the better class of London hotels are on this side of the City. In the business and banking part of London; the part still referred to as The City, there are surprisingly few hotels. This fact reflects the importance of the retail and mainly clothing business, to the economy of the country. Every year and throughout all seasons, the hotels of West London have a continuous high occupancy. It may be Queensway London hotels that you are looking for or Hyde Park and the Paddington district, but whichever you choose you will find a great number of excellent deals.

As well as Oxford Street there are obviously many adjoining and equally famous shopping streets. Some of the best known are Regent Street, Bond Street, Piccadilly and many others too few to name. Some specialise in such high quality goods that most of us can but look and wonder at the window displays, revealing items of fur or jewellery that are way out of our league. But do not despair! Come the day of the big Sales and you can join the queues of Oxford Street shoppers ready to fight your way into the stores to grab that bargain dress or pair of shoes. Just remember, book your Oxford Street hotel well in advance of the day. BOLA TANGKAS