Shortened Test Time On Digital Tv Issues Related To

Digital TV The market for digital equipment manufacturers and test and measurement equipment providers bring new market opportunities. As a provider of measuring instruments, they should be timely for the various digital television standards provide the appropriate test solution. Be noted that some standards are still in progress, provides test solutions should be changed correspondingly. Of course, the most important thing is, it should be timely to provide the most reliable and most reliable testing solutions to help them design new products, or to solve work problems.

  Digital TV test is divided into three levels

Can be digital TV test is divided into three levels, namely, digital baseband test, digital compression layer / stream test and modulation level test. Of course, in order to more directly reflect the video quality, but also the need for video testing and image quality test.

In Broadcasting TV, video-based testing is mainly used with SD / HD production and broadcast programming, test equipment should be provided the use of flexible, easy to operate multi-format, multi-standard test platform, to enable staff to quickly, accurately and reliably observed the quality of the video signal. In addition, with a variety of audio compression technologies (such as Dolby Digital / Dolby E audio, etc.) and multi-channel digital audio for wide application of digital audio test has become increasingly important.

In the compressed layer test has been widely used in addition to MPEG -2 Compression technologies, has emerged a variety of new compression technologies such as MPEG-4, H.264 / AVC and VC-1 and so on. Application of a hot spot that is currently IPTV On the use of these new compression technology. Many customers need a new compression layer / stream testing tools to verify these standards compliance, speed up the design and evaluation of new products to quickly bring new products to market. Tektronix MTS400 Series MPEG newly released analyzer, it is meeting the needs of this new application.

In the RF layer, there are already all kinds of digital TV modulation schemes such as COFDM, 8VSB, QPSK, 8PSK and QAM, etc., Tektronix has been widely used in the transport stream MTM400MPEG Monitors The additional high-performance RF measurement interfaces, such RF interfaces actually support a variety of DTV standards.

Reduce test time, rapid response to market

Digital TV is a new, rapid development of the industry, as the measurement instrument provider, must follow all the new digital television standard to meet growing customer demand for the various tests.

Compared with analog television transmission, the current television is used more compressed digital video transmission technology. And analog video difference is that a variety of digital video compression standards such as MPEG-2, H.264 and VC-1, video transmission is carried out through multiple transport streams, the transport stream from the many video, audio and data composed of various components. These component parts can contain multiple formats of video and audio, hidden subtitle / graphics data, IP data packet and electronic program guides. The transmission stream can even transfer Java programs, which can be user STB To provide interactive Game Function. Program contents so complicated, so the process of transmission error is inevitable, there are many errors are intermittent and therefore very difficult to find up to the time-consuming.

If the failure investigation and take a long time or continuous stream of error for a long time, it will give equipment manufacturers and network operators have significant losses. Both for the professional video equipment manufacturers, or on consumer video equipment manufacturers, according to market conditions change from time to time and product quality are essential. Need to develop a new device design, plants and networks need to be tested and the test run, as soon as possible to market and improve yield. On the other hand, the purchase of new digital video technology is broadcast owners and network operators an important investment, must prove as soon as is feasible, and new business to market quickly in order to establish competitive advantage and timely recovery of the initial investment.

That is, both for equipment manufacturers or the owners of broadcasting in the digital video design and verification, standards compliance checking, fault resolution and performance optimization on how best to save time, it is very important .

Digital TV is in a situation of rapid development of digital TV test equipment providers should adapt to rapidly changing market, to meet the needs of a variety of applications, such as digital television product design and production of digital TV equipment, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. At present, the analog TV to digital TV transition is orderly manner, the new industry applications driving the development of digital TV test equipment, such as IPTV and DVB-H , 3G mobile video applications.

For set-top boxes and high-resolution DVD These will be put into production in the future of consumer goods, some of the next generation of Video Compression Standards will play a key role. Including VC-1, including a variety of advanced video codec is seeking to become the network protocol set-top boxes (IP-STBs) a standard feature. ABIResearch research shows that by 2008, these new video decoder will be used by all the set-top box products. Same time, the categories of products will contribute to the existing two-way broadband networks for high-definition television, digital video recording and Video on Demand And other next-generation television services.