Shoujos Manga Best Manga For Girls

Shoujo if translated to English means Girl. So as the name depicts Shoujo Manga is for girls who are still in adolescent and puberty stage. You can also say those girls who are between 7 18 years of age, Shoujo Manga is designed is perfect for them. Due to the improvement of technology and as overwhelming rise in volume of fans and translation of japans in comics has placed these Japanese comics in international market from domestic market.

Shoujo being a part of Japanese comics itself has sub types which consist of school life, romance, horror, fantasy, mystery, thriller etc so that it can suit every kind of girl audience. But if we talk about the most popular genre than it is romantic themes because girls in there early ages like to read about romance. So keeping the rapid rise in popularity of Manga among girls many parent are concerned over the material published in these Japanese comics. Below is the list of few Manga which you would like to consider:

1.Hana Kimi Hanazakari no kimitachie or Hana Kimi is about a Japanese girl who decided to study in boys school so that she can come close to her sport idol, Izumi Sano. Hana Kimi is a great book which consist a good dose of humor, romance and lessons of friendship. Hana Kimi is published in two versions i.e. Japanese and Taiwanese. However if you want to experience real live action interpretation than it is recommended to go for Japanese version.

2.Beauty is the Beast This Manga is all about a girl who moved into the school dormitory. The story comes in 5 volumes and is written by Tomo Matsumoto.

3.Auto Focus This is a story of a girl Miwa who find herself in a fix when her mother told her that she is going to remarry. The whole story revolves around Miwa her step father and her step brother.

The above mentioned books are few recommended books which you can buy for your daughter. BOLA TANGKAS