Should a White Small Business Person Go to a Latino Business Networking Group Meeting?

The Hispanic Business Community is alive and well, in fact many Latino businesses are thriving even in these tough times. Why? Well, because generally they have not gone out and borrowed tons of money, and they go low-cost high volume in a recession, competing for price. They are able to do this due to their cost structures, labor costs, and wise choices to not get too far extended. And to top it off they are not quitters and they work hard.

Now days, the Hispanic Business Community is quite united, and to confirm this why not check out your local Latino business groups. I did recently, when I was invited to one. The groups was gung-ho and they were serious about doing business. I smiled because I remember when I ran my company and started out, that I was just like that. Of course, I noted some other common themes as each member went up to speak.

I noted that some stood up and said “Latino Pride” and another said; “We Latinos Must Stick Together” and they were serious and meant it. Of course, as the token white guy at the meeting I considered what might happen if a White Man’s business group were to say; “White Pride” or “We white business people must stick together.” Can you imagine what would happen if a statement like that ended up in the newspaper? It would be labeled hate speech.

Although this double standard is troubling most people do not have a problem with it, as they believe that Latinos or Hispanic minorities have had a tough time overcoming various barriers to entry into the business world. Still, I’d like to make a note that Hispanics are not a minority, not anymore; in many cities in the US they are the majority.

Now, I do recognize the fervor of the entrepreneur, and I want all entrepreneurs to succeed, with equal opportunity for all, even white minorities. But, at the same time we must keep balance and not give an advantage to any group. Nor should one group gang up against another. You see, it’s not about fighting against your competitors of a different race; it’s about servicing the customer. I hope everyone remembers that.

Should a white person go to a Latino business networking group? Absolutely! You need to see it for yourself and do a little thinking and come to your own conclusion about how best we can all get along without it becoming a; them versus us scenario. Think on this.