Should Models Go for Photo Retouching and to What Extent?

It is a matter of every day that one sees a sprawling advertisement lining the highway, along which the main city drives to work. It is not the banner that is the eye-catcher, but the ivory skin and the crystal clear face of the model becomes the talking point of young and old alike. However, on sparing a thought for these photos, most would agree that they have doubts regarding the originality. Thanks to the age of photo retouching, this doubt has become a nail biting truth. Welcome into the world where white turns rosy and slim turns size zero, in the quest for incomparable beauty.


Photo retouching is a technique highly popular in the field of modeling work and photography. Media reports related to complaints of popular showgirls and models being touched up are rampant of late. This software comes free of cost and helps in hiding certain scars, marks on the skin. It even helps to create a near perfect smile or a nice pout. The one question that does the rounds today is, whether models should take the aid of this technology. On a surface level, the answer comes in the affirmative. After all, photo retouching can help to hide certain marks or pimples that would make the model look average, rather than outstanding. There are often birthmarks found in certain parts which need to be lightened so that viewers do not find any part ugly. However, on deep thought, photo retouching encourages complexes in the young minds of today.

By lightening skin tones, the message that models give out to their followers is that being dark in not good enough. Our society is already the victim of such prejudices and these techniques further enhance them. Young girls find inspiration in the size zero pictures of models, which are often, touched up. This gives them the wrong signals to crash diet. Models should weigh the advantages against such disadvantages before allowing or encouraging photo retouching.

Retouching should be taken up only in case, a portfolio is being made or if there is some amount of competition involved. The models should never go in for the retouching technique if it leads to any wrong notion being conveyed to the world. The models should indulge in retouching only if they are very clear about the fact that they are not promoting unrealistic expectations. The normal folk start believing that skin and body are supposed to be flawless and go to unimaginable extents to attain them. However, the right thought process should be that flawless cannot be achieved with technology but by indulging in healthy habits.

In case of a make or break situation, models might resort to photo retouching. In case, the model gets retouched for the good of the image, or to hide burn marks, for instance; the issue does not turn controversial. However, retouching should not be done to defame the image of the model. As long as models can keep up social responsibility and discourage negative ideas, retouching is perfect.