Shouted Selling Reproduction Of Traditional Rice Dumplings Preheat The Dragon Boat Festival Downtown

Sichuan full of tradition and shouted, and the vagaries of Sichuan Opera face … … a few days ago, in front of a shopping mall in downtown Chengdu, a lecture entitled “generation dumpling dumpling National Teachers — Boat selling performance,” the event attracted many people gathered to watch , applauded.

“Cousin more to the whole one, make sure you eat the first one wanted two. Eat Dumplings Well it looks Biao, really a go about pulling out of the body votes to earn votes. Cousin to try one more, make sure you bite the head and I wanted two. Well before eating dumplings longer the United States, children legs legs, chest fullness, to ensure qinggouzi doll see you must be drooling. Easy Oh! “Wearing a dark blue costume, wore black balaclavas of selling artist, Tiao shoulder baskets, carrying a bag of rice dumplings, Sichuan Road land cries big plus promotion, selling term ups and downs, lively humor, both the businessmen praised Features repeated, in turn into one of Chengdu’s hometown folk, so that the citizens surrounding him with rapt attention.

The scene said one of Mr. Ma Lao, this tradition for many years in Chengdu cries not heard from him can remember, it is like to listen to the various cries of the vendors. At that time, the poor economic situation at home is always stop and go watch, because the law cries very time, it took a child’s cries as he watches timekeeping sound. “Heard Almond Cries of tea, that is, 7:30 am, and I have breakfast ready for school; sell fried fish, fried shrimp of selling sound from time to time, they arrive at a 12:00; sound from selling stinky tofu stand, that is, 18:00; The hearing to sell a chamber pot, and the instructions have been to the 22 o’clock or 11 o’clock. “Ma said the old gentleman, listening to the cries made him feel very comfortable, very friendly, from childhood, he began to imitate the cries of the. As for the Peddler, the crying is a basic skills needed to train their voice to go out after business. “Now, urban development faster and faster, more and more abundant goods, but this rarely heard cries. “Mr. Ma said sympathetically.

Host three full Food The Manager Wang also said that this “generation dumpling dumpling National Division —- Dragon Boat selling performances,” the selling of traditional cuisine and traditional dumplings together, is expected to arouse more sympathy for the traditional culture and concerns of psychology also more interested in understanding the dumplings culture, the dragon boat dumplings. This reporter learned that the protagonist of the event – Dragon Boat dumplings, is an evolutionary upgrade process after the new product, the dumpling itself lengthened by 30% reduced diameter and dumplings, so that the contact area bamboo leaves and rice increased by 15%, more uniform heating not cooked, is rich in bamboo leaves from the mountains of selenium required for native latifolius, bamboo leaves into the premium fragrance rice stems in Lake Taihu, bleeding through the circulation of Hong cooking process, taste better than ever in Hong waxy.

It is reported that Chengdu is the “generation of teachers —- Dragon dumpling dumpling selling performances nationwide,” the third leg, before the Henan Zhengzhou, Wuhan held, followed by Shanghai and Beijing will be invited to the two major cities, selling artists to perform. The ingenuity of the activities for the dragon boat rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves into the market the most popular brands, and the first opened Dragon Boat Festival Dumplings market boom. BOLA TANGKAS