Shower Brush – Plastic and Wooden Models

Many people use wooden handled bath brushes with soft bristles. Natural shower brushes are actually designed to clean your skin thoroughly, but they are meant for more than just that. The only problem with wooden handles is that they need to be looked after, i.e. they warp in water and with rough use, and they can crack, split or break. Not that you should use them that way, but still wood is not the best material for a shower brush. They start looking bad after some time, more brown and stained then usual and it will never look attractive again.

Wooden shower brushes are not all bad, but if you want something that will last and be more attractive, reliable, durable, and be very comfortable, than you should consider getting a plastic-handled shower brush. Some models are even cheaper than wooden ones. Also, they are a lot sturdier and the design possibilities are endless. This way you can add a touch of style to your bathroom with beautifully styled shower brush. You can also choose plastic brush with natural bristles. Not only will you save money, but you will get comfort and long lasting durability. Understandably, this is something everyone wants to have.

The best models have built in grooves for the fingers to rest and grip the plastic handle. It is good to know that there are two basic models of shower brushes: long-handled and short-handled. The short handled will give you more control when you attempt to scrub your back with it. A long handled shower brush is also good. You don’t have to bend and have soap in reach to eliminate stretching for it. Most models have a hole in the end of the plastic handle so you can simply hang it on a hook or you can hang it up by the cord.

Synthetic bristles are not quite as soft and gentle as the natural bristles. Many people prefer synthetic bristles because they are long-lasting and come in an array of colors. Also, synthetic bristles are widely used because they are ultra soft on the skin and easy to care for. You need to wash them in mild liquid soap, rinse well, towel then air-dry. You can keep them in good condition without getting mouldy.

You will get used to this as time goes on. You will also notice that the smells of your scented shower gels are not retained as they are with natural bristles.