Shower Seats Make Showering And Bathing Safer And More Comfortable-

The purpose of shower seats is to make the practices of bathing and showering safe for every age group. ADA compliant seating for showers and bathtubs will help people with physical limitations, and people with disabilities, become much more independent in life. Because such a person is sitting in the shower rather than standing, he or she is much less likely to fall.

Shower stall seating is not only safe and practical, it is comfortable as well. Indeed, many people are very surprised at how to comfortable it is. Sitting in one of these seats feels much better than sitting in the tub itself. It is also very comfortable and relaxing to take a shower in a seated position.

Most shower seats are shaped like chairs. These chairs are either based in the floor, or they are connected to the wall.

Floor seats stand in the shower stall or tub just like any chair in a living room stands. Because of this, they are not considered the safest of options. They do not have an anchor to the tub. However, they are very convenient because they can be removed, stored, then placed back in the tube at will.

These are great options for people who want convenience and do not require as much safety. A very agile lady, for example, who simply wants to shave her legs in a comfortable position, can use a floor seating with no incident.

Her children can also use the shower seat, not only for showering or bathing, but also for storing their shampoo and bathtub toys.

Even so, anyone of any condition of health or age has to be cautious not to tip the seat over.

For persons who have more limited mobility, anchored ADA shower stall seating is preferable and recommended. These seats mount to the wall of the shower like a shelf. Some models even fold up to the wall when they are not being used.

This is ideal for families where some members of the family may not need or want the seat and can move it out of the way to give themselves more room.

Wall mounted shower seats that are shaped like shelves with no legs also keep the floor area clear of of trip hazards. Wall-mounted units are available in all types of designs. Some have general support braces that fasten them to the wall. Other chairs are reinforced with two legs that will support heavier people.

Most standard wall mounted units support up to two hundred and fifty pounds. Chairs with additional legs will support up to five hundred pounds.

Shower stall seating is made from many different kinds of materials, including granite, marble, ceramic tile, and stainless steel. Stainless steel is the most corrosion resistant metal because it possesses ten percent chromium.

ADA shower seat manufacturers prefer to use Type 304 stainless steel. This alloy consists of steel, 8 percent nickel, and 18 percent chromium.

In some models a seat has a stainless steel frame and a phenolic core. Phenolic is highly water resistant because it is made from compressed cellulose fibers and resin. When laminated and machined, it is attractive to the eye and comfortable to the touch. BOLA TANGKAS
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Director: Luc Besson

Writer: Screenplay by Luc Besson. Based on the comic book series Valerian and Laureline by Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mézières, Published by Dargaud.

Producers: Virginie Besson-Silla


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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets | Teaser Trailer 2 | Now Playing