Shuai said the loss of Rome did not Pull faith do not believe in winning turn on the water to the Inter Lazio

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Italian local time this Saturday (May 1st) evening 18:00 (Beijing time at 0:00 on May 2), Serie A No. 36, Rome will be a guest Tardini Parma court challenges.

Friday 11:00, SEPTWOLVES Corps base in Liberia Tregoe were the last training session before the game. After the training session, coach Claudio Ranieri announced the 21 participating squad: Doni absence because of injury; Andre Olivier and Fathi unsuccessful because of technical and tactical reasons for the squad.

Friday 12:30 noon, Claudio Ranieri at the base of the Four Vital Maria Trigo – Bernardini Sports Center held a regular press conference before the game. Despite losing the top spot at the weekend (only the last three league), but “Tinker,” stressed the winning team did not lose hope, “We still believe the league championship, the team always made in the event of setbacks reaction. “

“Our teams have this crazy ability, after losing always respond. I can confirm is that experienced after losing last weekend, the team members are now committed to full, we are strong.”

That said, Ranieri is still very clear, Parma is not a tough opponent, “in achieving the stated objectives, the current Parma are calm. I can envision that the atmosphere will be very hot tomorrow, so we must be played wise, to have full power.

Round, Rome and Parma is the morning show, and leaders Inter Milan on Sunday night will have away to city rivals Lazio in Rome. In recent days, there have been numerous WrightEagle loyal to the party giving the initiative, they want Lazio to “rescue” to Inter, which won the Rome destroyed the dream.

For such an argument, Lazio Claudio Ranieri believes will promote the principles of fair play, “I think Lazio will try my best to do our best, but if Inter win, I believe they will prove even better with the performance, just as they In the Champions League did. In short, Lazio will fight for victory. “