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Shunde Appliance World Expo Cologne’s successful introduction of professional experience in organizing exhibitions, open up the Shunde

Home Appliances Development of the international exhibition channels, consumer electronics show in the professional, international, market have been rising, greatly strengthen and enhance the Shunde “Chinese home appliances capital” position and reputation.

?? Shunde District, Vice-Mayor Su Weibo 2008 10 17, the eighth grand Shunde household electrical appliances exhibition opened. The first time this session Shunde District Government and the Cologne exhibition company organized the show, from the scale, exhibits, and the quality and grade of the operations and management, are reflected higher international and professional level. The industry believes that, Electrical Household Appliances Exhibition Fair is accelerating as famous enterprises, the industry leading Asian home appliance event.

Vice Mayor of Foshan Li Zifu

, Deputy Consul General of Germany Consulate in Guangzhou Lu Jianan, Shunde District, on behalf of the Mayor Liang Weidong, Huang Xiaoming, vice president of the United States attended the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, President of Asia Pacific, Cologne, Germany, German Swiss, introduced the specific circumstances of this exhibition. It is understood that the company’s professional organizations in Cologne, the nearly 500 domestic and international household electrical appliance enterprises actively participating. Exhibition scale reached 23,500 square meters, be greatest in the history. In addition, during the 4-day event, organizers will also address the concerns of the industry introduced a variety of forums, on business opportunities, New products, home appliances such as corporate finance and management topics to discuss. German-Swiss said that all the services and supporting activities show, “Electrical Household Appliances Exhibition is moving in a highly trade, network and information of the ideal trade platform for forward.”

Shunde District Vice Mayor Su Weibo said that the successful introduction of Shunde household electrical appliances exhibition exhibition in Cologne’s professional experience, has opened up development of Shunde household electrical appliances exhibition of international channels, active participation from the exhibition business, services, rising to see that Electrical Household Appliances Exhibition of professional, international, market have been rising, greatly strengthen and enhance the Shunde “Chinese home appliances capital” of the status and reputation.

Reporter on the scene show, exhibition by product category is divided into five major area: 1 exhibition hall and the brand

Fitting Exhibition; 2 exhibition hall for the kitchen appliances; 3 Hall for the bathroom appliances and

Small appliances Pavilion. Exhibition in the brand, the beauty,

Hisense Kelon, MACRO, Rongshida, Changhong Treasures, duckling, 3M and other well-known household appliances enterprises are “on stage.” In addition, the exhibitors also expanded the coverage area, Italy Le Phillips, Zhejiang Okuda, Jin Shuangxi, Ningbo Ya Jia, also debut.

Reporters found a variety of new products, new technology as this exhibition’s most dazzling scenery. Booth in the United States, the world’s first on the sliding door type

Microwave ovens

, Makes the human-oriented design. Okuda booth appliances, health kitchen, integrated kitchen and other environmental exhibits, also attracted the attention of many customers.